December 12, 2003

"Whoever Heard Of A Lion With Eagle's Wings?"

I did. And now you will too. Because it recently happened that the Eagle mentioned in Daniel 7 was given its wings and is up and flying.

Daniel is the fourth of the major Hebrew prophets. *"Daniel was a son of the royal line of Judah (Dan. 1:3) who was deported to Babylon (present day Iraq) in 606 BC as a prisoner of King Nebuchadnezzar. He became a close advisor to the king, and although the corruption of court life surrounded him, he kept himself separated to the Lord. Daniel is described in Scripture as a great man of faith, a man characterized by his piety, humility, and dependence upon God (Ezek. 14:14, 20; Dan. 9:20; 10:11; Matt. 24:15; Heb. 11:32-33)." *(A Commentary on Daniel, The Kingdom of the Lord, Charles Lee Feinberg, Pg. 13-14)

The academicians know that the "Lion" in this Scripture describes King Nebuchadnezzar's kingdom of Babylon. We see the same kingdom described as a head of gold in Daniel 2.

Now, let's investigate the eagle's wings. Who is this eagle Scripturally? A little clue: It is Mystery Babylon.

Since the lion is symbolic of ancient Babylon and the eagle's wings of Mystery Babylon, you might say that it is a type and shadow of a future time when ancient Babylon would be occupied by Mystery Babylon and lifted up by the wings of the eagle. In fact, the wings would at that future time steer, control, motivate, govern and determine the direction of the ongoing flight of the ancient kingdom of Babylon just as the wings of an eagle steer the flight of the eagle that they are attached to. Who is the eagle?

The woman in this passage of Scripture can clearly be seen to be Israel who gave birth to the Messiah Yeshua who ascended to heaven after His crucifixion. We know this to be so because the writer of Revelation is using the imagery in the dream of the great Hebrew patriarch, Joseph, where Joseph's eleven brothers, together the twelve tribes of Israel, bowed down to him.

But notice that the woman, Israel, is pursued and persecuted throughout the world by the serpent/dragon, the Devil.

The water/flood represents the insane chasing and tormenting of Israel, anti_Semitism, reaching the intensity of a second Holocaust. The devil uses his world system, including, but not limited to, the Quartet, the United Nations, The European Union, NATO, the Arab nations, Russia, China, the entire liberal News Media, the Road Map, the Geneva Plan, etc., since he is the "prince of this world." (John 12:31)

The word "earth" might more appropriately be translated, "Land" (of Israel), (see the Complete Jewish Bible, David H. Stern) as it is only in the Land of Israel where the Devil's flood of slanderous words and torment cannot touch the Jewish people, until Armageddon, of course.

But notice that it is "two wings of a great eagle," which flies the woman, Israel, into the wilderness where God can reason with her.

Remember what happened to Judas who brought Yeshua to the cross for His crucifixion. We know that the crucifixion had to happen for the sins of the world, for the benefit of whosoever would accept that sacrifice for sin as their own by believing in Him, but what about the eagle that flies the woman into the wilderness where God can deal with her? This is another kind of Judas who flies Israel to her crucifixion which she must suffer to unstiffen her neck so that she will accept her Messiah. But woe unto the Judas who does this wicked thing!

How does the eagle do it? Through the "Roadmap" which it has initiated. This eagle is the same eagle which became the wings on the lion when ancient Babylon was invaded by Mystery Babylon in March 2003. Voila! America! It is elemental that she will pay the price for this necessary perfidy (the Road Map calling for Israel to give up her God-given Land) just as Judas paid the price for his.

And, finally, who are "the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ," whom the dragon will also persecute? They are the righteous remnant of Christians who love and stand with Israel in these last days to the glory of God, the engrafted citizens of the kingdom of God, the expanded commonwealth of Israel.

July 1, 2003

"Hillary's Face On The Statue Of Liberty"

On Thursday, June 19, 2003, while praying at the end of our Kess Malkhoot Dahveed Home Study meeting, the Lord gave me a vision. I saw the face of Hillary Clinton superimposed on the Statue of Liberty. I knew right away what the Lord was saying: The Bush administration will lose its blessing, and Zechariah's "Woman of Wickedness" is about to be set on her base in Mystery Babylon.

When the Israel Defense Forces took out a top Hamas terrorist-murderer, The New York Times on June 22, 2003 reported, "Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday he regretted Israel's killing of... (the Hamas terrorist master-mind Abdullah Kawasme in the City of Hebron) and said it could be an obstacle to the peace plan" championed by a Quartet of Middle East negotiators.

It would have been better for Colin Powell to congratulate the IDF for ridding the Middle East of the terrorist "obstacle to peace." But Powell and the Bush Administration are determined to force Israel to carve up the Land and create a Palestinian state. This anti-Scriptural, anti-Israel mentality of the Bush Administration will result in the Woman of Wickedness being set on her base in the United States of Mystery Babylon.

In our recent Word of the Lord, "Et tu, Bush?," a warning was given, that if President Bush didn't cease in his efforts to force his "Road Map" peace plan down God's chosen peoples' throats, coercing them to give up their God-given legacy, the Land of Israel, the same thing would happen to him that had happened to former President Jimmy Carter and President Bush, Sr., his own father; namely, he would lose his own bid for re-election in 2004. Now the God of the Hebrews says, "Three strikes and you're out, President Bush!" (See "Et tu, Bush?")

In our Word of the Lord dated December 31, 2000, entitled "Woman Sitting Inside A Basket," we prophesied that God had set the stage for that Woman of Wickedness to be elevated to President of the United States.

See the December 31, 2000 Word of the Lord: "Woman Sitting Inside A Basket."

In our Word of the Lord dated February 17, 2001, we prophesied that when the US economy declines, Hillary's campaign slogan will be, "Remember, America, we gave you prosperity!"

The Lord showed me in a vision recently that after the floods that are presently taking place in America, there is coming a great drought. I believe that this will profoundly affect the American economy triggering financial difficulties. This will establish the platform for Hillary's rise to power.

The vision of the face of Hillary Clinton on the Statue of Liberty signals that the final piece is about to be put into the puzzle and heralds the rapidly approaching cataclysmic event which Scripture describes as follows.

Prepare yourselves! Messrs. Bush and Powell are "drunk with power" and will not stop until they have achieved this false peace "Road Map" scheme. No amount of warnings are heeded. So what can the God of Israel do except to bring on their own heads the dishonor that their actions have deserved. It is a shame that a once proud and noble country which has done so much for so many will soon receive the sovereign judgment of being ruled by the ignoble woman of which the Scripture speaks.

May 10, 2003

"Et Tu, Bush?"

On April 24, 2003, the Lord woke me out of a deep sleep to give me a vision of former President Jimmy Carter. He reminded me of a dream that He had given me years ago during Mr. Carter's presidency. In that dream, I saw the President standing at strict attention in front of a long meeting table. On either side of him were his cabinet members, also standing at strict attention.

I heard the voice of the Lord ask Mr. Carter the following question: "Did you love the Jews?" Mr. Carter stood stiffly at attention and answered nothing; neither did any of his associates. Then a second time I heard the voice of the Lord repeat, "Did you love the Jews?" Still no answer. And then the Lord said even more emphatically, "But did you love the Jews?" Mr. Carter and his cohorts still remained agonizingly mute. Then I heard the Lord say, "Then you shall lose your blessing!"

Less than six months later, President Carter lost his bid for re-election as did his entire team in a humiliating and massive defeat .

About ten years thereafter, the first President Bush followed a policy of appeasing the Arabs and scape-goating Israel by denying ten billion dollars in loan guarantees which Israel desperately needed to feed and house the just then-arriving Russian immigrant Jews recently freed from a hard and vicious life in a wickedly anti-Semitic Soviet Union.

The first President Bush demanded that as a condition for receiving those critical loan guarantees, Israel must stop building settlements in Judea and Samaria, and even dismantle some of them. Those lands are the Biblical heartlands given by God to Israel; they were desperately needed to house the tens of thousands of liberated immigrants who were arriving daily.

That was a strong anti-Israel measure taken by Mr. Bush's administration as part of a package which would force Israel to swallow a poison pill "peace agreement," the consequences of which would be the loss of a major portion of their Biblical homeland to Arab terrorists. President Bush, after receiving and ignoring many warnings from God, also lost his bid for re-election as Mr. Carter had before him.

So why did the Lord wake me up so abruptly to give me this vision? Because he was warning an America that had just celebrated such an incredible and just victory in Iraq that they were about to stumble into the same disaster with the same political consequences.

I was to be speaking at an intercessory prayer conference the next day, on Friday April 25th, and the Lord wanted me to issue the warning there so that we would pray for the President whom we deeply care for, that he would not make the impending mistake of judgment. We prayed, as thousands of believers did, but he made the mistake after all!

On May 1, 2003, The New York Times reported in an article entitled, "U.S. and Partners Present Proposal for Mideast Peace - A diplomatic coalition that includes the United States formally presented Israeli and Palestinian leaders with a detailed peace plan today (referring to the Road Map), opening a fresh pursuit of an end to the bitter conflict as a new Palestinian government took office... In Washington, President Bush called on Israelis and Palestinians to 'immediately end the violence and return to a path of peace.'"

Israel should not be equated with Arab terrorists. Israel does not engage in violence, nor blow up Arab buses and schools and cafes like the wicked Palestinian terrorists do. Israel has the right to defend herself and stop the murderers, to stop those who kill and maim her citizens. The Palestinian are the ones who engage in violence, just like the Arabs who attacked America on 9/11/01, in response to which America initiated The War on Terror and went after terror regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Is Israel a terrorist or violent as the President implied for similarly defending herself? He should not have "called on Israelis and Palestinians to immediately end the violence," but should instead demand that the Palestinians end their violence against Israel! Israel, like America, has always been peaceful, and only defends the rights of her citizens to live free in the Land that God gave to her.

If the Arabs want peace, it is simple; let them be peaceful. Who is trying to kill them? Nobody! Why should they be permitted to blackmail Israel into giving them a piece of land that they are not now nor ever were entitled to historically or Biblically in return for peace? Absurd! That intelligent men should not see this is a mystery to me; unless some demonic influence has blinded their eyes and planted within their hearts distrust or downright hatred of the Jews and of God's covenant with them.

Have they forgotten that Jesus is the King of the Jews and will soon return to punish all Jew-haters with true justice? Why is Israel so un-evenhandedly equated with those who torment and kill her innocent citizens? The State Department spin only serves the anti-Israel propaganda of the Arab world. So I say, why should America appease the oil-rich Arabs and Muslims at the expense of Israel? It will only incur the wrath of a righteous God who swore to "curse him who curses Israel."

The Road Map, issued by America along with the other three members of the Quartet (Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations), calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state on Israel's Biblical lands. In so doing, America once again joins hands with those who are trying to force the demonic Mid-East peace plan down Israel's throat. By engaging in this dance with the proverbial wolves and the "little foxes that spoil the vines" (Song of Solomon 2:15), America woefully invites disaster upon herself.

Already deadly tornadoes and floods can be seen as an "opening salvo" from heaven opening up America's soft underbelly, killing and bringing destruction to many of our defenseless and innocent citizens who just happened to get in the path of a holy God's wrath. (Italicized words indicate a Divine origin.)

America is a "house of cards," susceptible to sudden and complete collapse should she continue in her folly, placating and appeasing an ungrateful and ungodly Arab constituency by rewarding their terrorist behavior with the lands that the One and Only true God centuries before gave to His beloved Israel. (See Numbers 34:1-12)

President Bush must "go it alone," thereby divorcing himself and his Middle East policy making from the anti-Israel/pro Arab, anti-Biblical, one-world government sentiment emanating from the State Department and from the rhetoric of the Quartet; a tough road, but a necessary one to travel for the good of America.

This false "peace agreement" (Daniel 9:27) is a necessary evil which must one day take place, just as Yeshua's crucifixion had to take place for the salvation of whomsoever would receive Him. But woe unto the Judas that brought it to pass!

Dear President Bush, don't be the one to do this. Let it be some subsequent president. Let not America betray her friend and ally, Israel. The cost is high. Witness the price paid by Mr. Carter and your own father. America loves you, President Bush. But this is God's "final warning!" The hour is late. "Stern measures" will follow, and they have already begun. Areas of potential susceptibility are the "Fortune 500" companies and "lymph nodes," resulting in the "Walter Reed Army Medical Center."

The Lord has instructed me to say this because He is merciful and He loves America and our President; lest the next words out of His mouth have to be similar to the ones spoken by Caesar when he was betrayed and killed by Mark Antony, "Et Tu, Bush?"

March 14, 2003

"The Eagle Flies"

On the morning of March 3, 2003, I saw in vision "an eagle with wings extended, rising up in full flight." Not knowing the interpretation, I waited on the Lord until He spoke the word, "Bozrah," into my spirit. Ancient Bozrah was an important city in Edom (present day Jordan) about 18 miles southeast of the Dead Sea. The above-quoted Scripture amplifies what the Lord is saying in conjunction with the present situation between the United States and Iraq.

When in 600 BC Jeremiah spoke of the attacking "eagle," he was referring to the ancient kingdom of Babylon, modern day Iraq, which would fly against and destroy Edom. Today, realistically speaking, the "eagle" represents America, and "Edom" by analogy could represent Babylon which will be like a woman in birth pangs, and that will represent God's justice.

I quote here from our February 16, 2002 "Hear the Word of the Lord," when we first prophesied that God would turn the tables on Saddam Hussein for what he had done to Israel, God's chosen people:

"I am also recalling how Saddam Hussein was allowed to apply 39 SCUD missile blows (39 stripes) against the back of Israel, who was not allowed to retaliate by the coalition forces...

"He has had it up to here with the patrons of Arab oil wealth, the USA, the United Nations, France, the entire anti-Semitic European Union and their leaders, bullying and raping His little Land and Chosen people by mandating a nation of "Palestine" on land given by Him to His people as an eternal everlasting possession to which no Arab has ever had any Biblical rights.

"Thus, when His hand releases the jagged thunderbolts which shall hit and punish Saddam and whoever else systematically applies the whip to the backs of His beloved Israel, do not be surprised, but know that He Himself has done it."

The New York Times, on 2/27/2003, reported that President Bush declared "that removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq would bring stability to the region and could set the stage for peace between Israel and a 'truly democratic' Palestinian state."

The President also declared that Israel "will be expected to support the creation of a viable Palestinian state." "He said Israeli settlement activity 'must end' as 'progress is made toward peace."

How typical. The Jews are expendable. All the nations agree to that. But they don't agree to removing a dangerous megalomaniac from power. Thank God there is a just God in heaven who loves and will protect little Israel from these rabid demagogues who have taken the side of Satan against God, against His ancient people, and against His mandate that the Land will eternally belong to her. Whoever tries to take it away from them will pay the price as spoken by Zechariah.

I pray the President does not make the same mistake that his father did in 1991. George H. scapegoated Israel by giving the Arabs "the Madrid Peace Conference." This resulted in Oslo and eventually in the deaths of thousands of Jews; the Arabs becoming more and more emboldened by US capitulation to their lies, ultimately giving the world the intifada. Now the leaders of the world have a plan to reward the Arab terrorists with a nation of Palestine on Israel's little remaining land.

I pray that President Bush will not capitulate to the Machiavellian "Quartet," consisting of the perverse UN, the ignoble French, the Israel-unfriendly European Union and Russia, the uneven-handed arbiter of Jewish justice. Throwing God's chosen people to the lions is not acceptable to a Jewish Lord.

The March 14th New York Times reports that Mr. Bush announced today that he is "poised to present a detailed road map for Israeli-Palestinian peace... a Palestinian State by 2005..." effective death to "Israeli settlements"... and end to "the contested status of Jerusalem and of Palestinian refugees" (which would enable the overrunning of Jewish Lands with Arabs and the end of it as a Jewish homeland).

There is not a worse time to make the God of Israel an enemy of America; at a time when we need Him most... when we are going to war against Iraq.

This is the time when His friendship and help is most needed and should be sought by blessing His people, Israel. Why, you might ask, is America cutting itself off from the helping hand of the Almighty, and instead inviting a visitation of His wrath?

Please, President Bush, learn from the mistakes of your Father. See what the Bible says about that Land. Deposing Saddam Hussein especially for what he did to Israel in 1991 is marvelous in God's sight. But forcing Israel into a deadly embrace with murderous terrorists and forcing her to give her inheritance from God away is a huge mistake. Here is my advice.

November 25, 2002

"A Kingdom Divided Cannot Stand"

We have witnessed the explosion of Islam as the fastest growing religion in the United States, the celebration of the last day of "Ramadan" in the White House last year, the endorsement of statehood for the Palestinians on Biblically Jewish land, and a peace conference in Washington, DC on December 20, 2002, and we wonder what's going on?

The Democrats are now the defeated minority, the Republicans are back in power in the Senate, and yet the November 25, 2002 New York Times reports in an article titled, "U.S. to Host Talks on Mideast Peace; the Bush administration will host a conference of top U.S., U.N., Russian and European ministers next month." (the so-called Quartet)

One of the major objectives is that they will be "working on the details of a pathway to Palestinian statehood by 2005... Secretary of State Colin Powell will host the meeting."

The wholesale slaughter of innocent Jews on buses, in malls and restaurants, even worshipers as they walk from the house of God on the Sabbath in Hebron, continues. The streets in Jerusalem are washed down almost daily with the blood of innocents, even babies, horrific in the sight of the Jewish King, Adonai, and Washington is planning to reward the killers with the gift of a state of "Palestine" on Biblically Jewish land.

Rewarding terrorists is not appropriate behavior in the sight of a just God, who is the Great Superpower, not America. He's not impressed either with the easy expressions of loose lipped euphemisms like "God bless America," when the hearts of so many of those speakers have grown cold toward Him and seem disinterested in the truth of His word.

Calling oneself a "Christian" in and of itself is not what pleases a just God. It would serve America better if the fervent flag-wavers were fervent God-pleasers first. They would get better results. America sacrificing Israel to appease the Muslims will not earn it a blessing, but a curse. Find me a world power that did that before America and is still a world power. Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Germany, Great Britain? Will we learn a lesson from history or will we blindly walk to our destruction? Little Israel will still be there no matter what America decides to do.

If there is a "polarity" in America, as so many seem to think, one being President Bush and the other, Colin Powell and the State Department, perhaps there needs to be a "firing" before this country is "fired on" again by an angry God, and we've already seen enough of that over the last few summers, and earthquakes, and tornadoes and terrorism, and on and on...

Remember two things: (1) a sovereign God does not need to seek permission from a State Department which is beating up on His beloved Israel to whom He is "married" (Jeremiah 3:14) before responding "measure for measure;" and, 2) our sovereign God is NOT ALLAH, and the people of Allah are not His people! But they can become His people by repenting of their hatred and murder and by receiving Yeshua the Jewish Messiah and King of Israel (not Palestine).

So, America, "Choose ye this day whom you will serve." (Joshua 24:15)

You can't serve two gods. You can't serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and at the same time try to appease the false god of Islam, Allah.

October 7, 2002

"What Happened To Hurricane Lili?"

The United States handed Yasser Arafat another major victory against Israel recently. Hurricane Lili was the God of Israel's response to the United States. Let me explain. He promised in the holy Bible which I love so dearly that He will "bless those who bless Israel and curse him who curses Israel." (See Genesis 12:3) That applies to any person or to any nation on the earth.

After two suicide bombings killed seven people in Israel about 2 weeks ago, the Israeli government took steps to defend its citizens by isolating "the Palestinian leader by confining him to a command compound it has largely leveled." (The New York Times, September 23, 2002)

The US government then pressured Israel to withdraw from Arafat's compound. By this action, the United States once again vilified Israel, and as a result, the biblical curse was activated. There is a price to pay for mistreating the Jewish people.

The same New York Times article reported, "Turning the tables on its ally, Washington introduced a draft resolution in the U.N. Security Council on Monday calling on Israel to stop destroying Palestinian installations in Ramallah."

The Book of Numbers, Chapter 34 in the Torah, clearly states that the Palestinians have no right to any of the land that they are claiming as their own pursuant to the words of Moses that great Jewish law-giver and prophet. The entire Judeo-Christian civilization is based on his great words and yet they are sadly despised and largely disobeyed today.

"The unusual move," the article continues, "appeared to signal White House impatience with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as it prepares for possible war with Iraq and contemplates the damage his actions might cause U.S. efforts to win Arab support for the campaign..."

I might add, if you have the support of the God of Israel, who needs the support of men? Just look at the miracles that Israel has had, and look at what a hurricane can do. Can any army stop it?

The U.S. draft resolution asked Israel "to cease measures in and around Ramallah, including the destruction of Palestinian civilian and security infrastructure, that aggravate the situation and that do not contribute to progress on comprehensive Palestinian civil and security reforms."

Thus, Israel was forced to withdraw from Arafat's compound, allowing Arafat to flash the "V for victory sign" in defiance against the Israeli demand to turn over more than 40 wanted militants holed up with him in the battered compound. Arafat had refused, then President Bush intervened in his behalf.

By introducing the draft resolution in the U.N., America brought shame and defeat to Israel which was merely trying to prevent the killing of its citizens. America joined in an anti-God international outcry, calling "evil good, and good evil," the words of the ancient prophet of Israel, Isaiah. (See Isaiah 5:20)

What was the net result of all of this? The Stock Market ended its worst quarter since the 1987 crash (The New York Times, September 30, 2002) and Hurricanes Isidore and Lili were sent against America which had cursed the very people whom the Lord calls "the Apple of His eye." (See Zechariah 2:8)

And then suddenly and surprisingly, God turned and vacated that curse. As a matter of fact, He turned it into a major blessing. Why? President Bush grudgingly signed legislation that took effect on Monday, September 30th, that requires the U.S. government to list Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in official documents, a major blow to Arafat. America had thus blessed Israel and as a result, Hurricane Lili was downgraded and the Louisiana shore was spared from a major catastrophe. (See The New York Times, October 2, 2002)

And what no one can figure out is the mystery of why, "Overnight, Lili weakened from a Category 4 storm, with sustained winds up to 155 miles per hour and a storm surge up to 18 feet above normal to a Category 2 hurricane... Maximum sustained winds had dropped to 75 miles per hour, barely retaining the storm's classification as a hurricane and well below the 110 miles per hour punch they delivered when Lili made landfall near Vermillion Bay several hours earlier." (The New York Times, October 3, 2002).

Do you think it was a coincidence that turned Hurricane Lili from a raging lion into a mere pussycat? There is only one God and not many as some would have you to believe. And He is the God of the Jews, and through the Messiah, of those Christians who became engrafted into the commonwealth of Israel, and who love and the Jewish people.

To close, I want to read you a scripture from Psalm 107, verses 24 to 29.

May the God of Israel who is my God, bless you all, and may America give Him cause to bless America as well in the days and years to come.

"The Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and give you Shalom."

February 16, 2002

"There Is A River..."

The Lord commandeered me at 4:00AM on Shabbat, February 16, 2002, to write this word for Him. He has been speaking this word over and over again for several days now. He is about to summarily act in behalf of His beloved Israel (the Jewish people) and their holy city, Jerusalem. (Daniel 9:24) He is their Shepherd, and they are the people of His pasture.

That Shepherd is saying, "It shall come to pass that before they (Israel) call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear. Behold, he (America) shall come up like clouds, and his chariots (missiles) like a whirlwind. His horses are swifter than eagles. Woe to us (Iraq), for we are plundered!" (Jeremiah 4:13)

Many offenses are daily committed against God's people by the Arabs and the wicked nations of the earth. The Jewish people are murdered by crazed Arab suicide bombers. Arabs speak wicked lies and teach their kindergarten children to hate and even send women with bombs to "kill the Jews." First Adolph Hitler and now the Arabs. Who remembers the 6 million anymore? It is convenient to forget. But God hasn't forgotten. Neither have I. Then when "the Jews" would dare to defend themselves, they are scandalized and slandered by the nations and the world press for oil. But remember who their Defender is!

I am also recalling how Saddam Hussein was allowed to apply 39 SCUD missile blows (39 stripes) against the back of Israel. She was not allowed to retaliate by the coalition forces.

The Lord has had it up to here with the patrons of Arab oil wealth, the USA, the United Nations, France, the entire anti-Semitic European Union and their leaders, bullying and raping His little Land and Chosen people by mandating a nation of "Palestine" on land given by Him to His people as an eternal everlasting possession to which no Arab has ever had any rights Biblically.

Thus, when His hand releases the jagged thunderbolts which shall hit and punish Saddam and whoever else systematically applies the whip to the backs of His beloved Israel, do not be surprised, but know that He, Himself, has done it.

November 25, 2001

The Pope Shall Confirm a Covenant

The "covenant" is the Mideast Peace Agreement.

Who is "he?" That would be the Pope, the modern-day representative of the Roman Empire from whence came the Roman Governor Titus in 70 AD to destroy the City of Jerusalem and God's Holy Temple, which has not been restored to this day; but it shall be restored soon. The Roman Emperor, Constantine, converted to Catholicism, united the Roman Empire with Catholicism making it the Holy Roman Empire, moved the headquarters to Byzantium, renamed the city Constantinople and called it the new Rome.

The "many" are the plurality of Arab nations and Israel. He shall confirm (not make) this Agreement between them all. The Agreement shall be for seven years, the Zion Age, when all Israel shall be saved, and when many in the Church shall fall away. The Church Age is virtually completed and the Zion Age set to begin when the Pope confirms the Middle East Peace Agreement.

During this final seven years of the Age, the Tabernacle of David, the restoration of the Davidic Dynasty, shall be completed, and finally, the King of the Jews, Lord Yeshua, Son of David, shall return to be anointed as King and High Priest in His Temple in Jerusalem.

Thus, the article appearing in The New York Times on November 18, 2001, entitled, "Pope Invites World Religions To Assisi," is the precursor of all of that. And what happened in New York on September 11, 2001 was the "triggering device" to set all of this in motion. The article reads:

"Pope John Paul II, concerned about the continued impact on humanity of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks, invited representatives of the world's religions to come to Assisi, Italy, on Jan. 24th for a daylong prayer for peace. In his weekly appearance Sunday at St. Peter's Square, the pontiff invited leaders of all faiths, but particularly Christians and Muslims, to 'proclaim before the world that religion should never become a motive for conflict, hatred and violence."

This is the seed of that "covenant" which will proclaim peace in Jerusalem but will bring destruction. It is the wrong seed and the wrong spirit and the Pope is the wrong man for the hour. It will not bring peace but will trigger God's final judgment against all of those who foolishly participate in this land-giveaway program upon which the covenant is based.

Do not be fooled. Lucifer is the only beneficiary of this sinister plot (Isaiah 14:12-15) to undermine the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, His only begotten Son and His people, Israel, the "Apple of His eye." And "America The Beautiful," which has been duped, I'm sorry to say, is the engine that is driving this big "peace" machine, and will accordingly inherit it's just reward from on High.

October 17, 2001
Slapping God Across The Face!
Cause and Effect!

Just before the September 11th World Trade Center and Pentagon catastrophe, I heard the Lord speak the same Word to me that I just heard Him speak. And so in obedience to Him, I speak this Word in the Gates of Jerusalem. May they resound throughout the civilized world, and may repentance spring forth and not judgment: I say, Beware the wrath of the God of Jacob for the sake of Zion.

Just as the Lord God of Jacob showed me on Erev Rosh Hashanah that once President George Bush had formed his coalition, he would force God's children, B'nai Yisrael, into a land giveaway program similar to that of Yitzhak Rabin, it has now come to pass.

"President Bush has publically endorsed creation of a Palestinian state, and U.S. proposals for Israel to yield land to Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority are in preparation. An announcement of the U.S. position is expected in mid-November during a special session of the U.N. General Assembly." (NY Times, 10/17/01)

"A few weeks ago, on the eve of the September 11 attacks on the U.S., the State Department put together a diplomatic package for the Israeli-Palestinian channel, which included a speech by Powell that was to have been delivered at the U. N. General Assembly at the end of last month; the appointment of a special envoy to the Middle East; a visit to the area by the Assistant Secretary of State William Burns; and a "sweetener" for the Palestinians - a meeting between President Bush and Chairman Arafat." (Haaretz Daily, 10/17/01)

What is America doing to Israel?

And now Tony Blair has joined President Bush in this "substitute terrorism" against God's people and the Land that He has given to them as an everlasting possession, yes, in order to appease their pro-Islamic, anti-bin Laden (decidedly not anti-terrorist), anti-Israel coalition for the sake of Arab oil.

Listen to what the God of Israel says to those who have stroked the feathers and joined hands with bloodthirsty, terrorist-States, and anti-Jewish thugs (who have just now shot and killed Rehavam Keevi in Jerusalem, marking the first assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister) as follows:

You who in your political correctness bring "curses" against the "apple of His eye," beware of God's fiery wrath, for it has already shown itself to burn hotly against those who have sided with the enemies of His people! He will hold you accountable, even for the death of Rehavam Keevi which you enabled by your perfidy. Remaining silent when Syria, a terrorist nation, was elected to the Security Council of the United Nations last week ; pressing His chosen people to make peace with terrorists, condemning her for doing what you yourself are doing to bin Laden; forbidding her to defend herself for the sake of your pro-Arab coalition. Immoral and Hypocritical at it's illogical worst!

Britain, your empire is no longer an empire for your historic anti-Israel behavior: will you not learn your lesson, too?

European Union, heaven is watching to see if you will continue to challenge God to a dueling match by abusing His people with your pro-Palestinian fervor. Remember what your fathers did in Europe to their fathers. DO NOT MAKE ISRAEL YOUR SACRIFICIAL LAMB ONCE AGAIN!

This is a wake-up call: Bear this in mind - Slapping God Across the Face can be Dangerous, producing a Serious Cause and Effect pattern!

September 19, 2001
A Rosh Hashanah Vision: History Repeats Itself"

In the June 1, 1999 "Word of the Lord" on our website, I reported that "I saw in vision, Yitzhak Rabin, the slain Israeli Prime Minister, with a fishing pole in his hands, fishing in a river."

My interpretation of the vision was that Ehud Barak, the then Prime Minister-elect of Israel, after fishing for and catching members of the broadest-based coalition government possible, would institute the same land-giveaway program perpetrated by his liberal Labor Party predecessor, Yitzhak Rabin. And history shows that is what happened.

Last night, while worshiping on Erev Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashanah, one year after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount, which marked the beginning of the current Arab intifada, the Lord gave me the same vision.

But at this time, the only one forming a coalition is the Bush Administration. And therefore, I would opine that he is fishing for and catching members of the broadest-based coalition possible of Western and Muslim nations, purposely excluding Israel. Their goal will be to eradicate Islamic terrorism. Thank God for that.

But why is the U.S. Administration excluding Israel, the only nation who is a true ally in the fight against terror? Because the Arab nations will not join a coalition if Israel is one of its members. Therefore, the United States chooses to appease the Arab and Muslim states and exclude Israel.

President Bush's father did the same thing to Israel when he formed a coalition against Iraq. He purposely excluded Israel and would not even allow her to defend herself when Iraq showered her with SCUD missiles. As a result, the former President inherited Hurricane Andrew, a deadly storm in the Northeast which threw a huge rock into his living room in Kennebunkport, Maine, itself a warning from God, and loss of a second term in office. Is his son's administration making the same mistake?

When Israel was brutally attacked by Palestinian and Muslim terrorists during the past 11 months (actually for the last 53 years), the State Department under Colin Powell insisted that Israel show "maximum restraint," and not hinder the peace process by going after the terrorists.

Did any nation lift a finger to fight against the cruel terrorists who murdered Israelis? No. Apparently, nobody cared if Jewish blood was spilled.

But now that America has tasted the wrath of the Muslim terrorists, the response has been all-out war on terrorism. And Colin Powell is still telling Israel to show restraint and not go after Palestinian terrorists, but rather to make peace with them. This is a terrible double standard.

How can the U.S. Administration, even after the terrorist explosions in New York City and Washington, DC, continue to push the Israeli government to enter into a "peace" agreement with terrorists (actually, Arafat is the father of modern terrorism - he formed the PLO in 1964), who are no less lethal than Osama bin Laden, whom Bush has just labeled, "wanted dead or alive?"

According to the vision I received last night, I believe the Lord is saying that the U.S. Administration will, after forming their coalition, make a concerted effort to pressure Israel to giveaway her God-given Land, including Jerusalem.

The terrorist attacks have become the catalyst that is driving Yasir Arafat, full of fear that America will put him on the "wanted dead or alive" list, back to the peace table. He has even held photo-ops where he can be seen giving blood for the victims of the U.S. terror attacks. Arafat has also ordered a cessation of Palestinian terror against the Israelis so that he can be received by Israel as a peacemaker again.

The "covenant" of peace (Daniel 9:27) must be completed between Israel and the Arabs before the 70th week of Daniel (what I call "the Zion Age") can commence. When you see the Middle East Peace Agreement finalized and then confirmed by the man from Rome, know that there will be only 7 more years until the return of the Lord Yeshua to establish His throne in Jerusalem. Thus, the catastrophe in the U.S. is causing a chain-reaction that will usher in the end of the age.

Sadly but truly, Israel's terrorist Muslim enemies have been hand-picked to be America's dance partner in Israel's waltz of death. Even nearly blind eyes should be able to see that America has made Israel it's sacrificial lamb for the sake of a coalition seeking to include Muslim states, even terrorist states like Syria. Some in the media are even saying that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is what caused the terrorist attacks upon the U.S.

Beware of making Israel the scapegoat. God, and there is only one God and His name is not now and never was Allah (a false god), is very clear about His foreign policy toward Israel, the Apple of His eye: "I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curses thee." (Genesis 12:3)

"A Second Vision: A Fountain Shall Be Opened"

In the second vision that I received as I was worshiping on Rosh Hashanah, I saw "the hands of God holding up a tallit (A Biblical Hebrew prayer shawl) like a chupah (a canopy at a wedding) and it was full of beautiful, bubbly water. It was so full of the pure and bubbly water that it was spilling over and pouring out an abundance of refreshing."

I interpret that as meaning that at the same time as God is punishing the terrorist Muslim evildoers, He will pour out His Spirit upon the children of Israel and that starting this day, there shall be a dramatic new move of God's Spirit to His Jewish people causing an abundant harvest of Jewish souls into the kingdom of Yeshua the Jewish Messiah.

May 20, 2001

"A Fire Shall Devour Before Him"

On Saturday, May 12th, as I worshiped at Congregation Mishkan David, as is our usual custom, I heard the Lord say, "From the rising of the sun to it's going down..." I quote the relevant portion of Scripture here:

"Enough is enough!" says the God of the Hebrews to the nations who justify the terrorist culprits. The "root of bitterness" fueling the Arab vendetta against the Jewish people is a stench in His nostrils. The savage attacks, arrogant posturing and slanderous rhetoric unleashed against His beloved does not and will not go unpunished.

Observe the lies of Yasir Arafat who makes bogus claims against God's Land which He bestowed upon His chosen people, Israel: "We will not give in. We will go on, God willing (He's not), until we pray together' in the Al-Aqsa Mosque..."

God doesn't speak out of both sides of His mouth. He gave that Land to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for His temple almost 4,000 years ago. The descendants of Ishmael and Esau, of which Arafat is one, didn't lay a stone on that ground to build a mosque there until around 3,400 years later, and that without His authority.

Bottom line: Yasir and the nations, the God of Israel would like you to know that He will not remain silent in the face of this propaganda and fetid distortion of History and of His eternal Word! He is jealous for Zion's sake, and those who slander her will feel His wrath.

April 20, 2001

"And Oh, Don't Forget to Remember that Passover Lesson of Pharaoh!"

Now, Ariel Sharon is getting it. First, it was Benjamin Netanyahu when he had it in his heart to defend the land God had given to his forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and now it is Ariel Sharon. And by so doing, they memorialize Yasir Arafat, the son of the "Father of Lies," and his thugs who terrorize and venomize the sons of Jacob with every waking breath.

Let it be known that the world will not allow the Jews the right to defend themselves against these thugs and killers. When Israel, in response to a Palestinian mortar attack on the Negev Desert town of Sderot, a few mere miles from the Prime Minister's farm, launched an invasive attack into Gaza, occupying land that they had formerly gratuitously and erroneously transferred to the Palestinians in return for their fatuous and meaningless promise of "peace," Secretary of State Colin Powell screamed, "excessive and disproportionate."

This, from the very nation that had not long before led the "defensive" invasion and occupying force into the Balkans, and the very General who was one of the principle strategists of the International Coalition in the Gulf War, which even then forbade Israel to defend herself when attacked by Iraqi scud missiles. Same principle, different adversaries, ten years later!

And when Israel launched a bombing attack deep in Lebanon in retaliation for an attack by Hizbollah guerillas which killed an Israeli soldier in the Shebaa Farms area, the United States called for "maximum restraint." The international vendetta in the United States, Russia, the United Nations, France, Britain, Egypt, Iran, Qatar and Damascus jumped on little Israel who is already bereft of 7/8ths of the land awarded to her by the League of Nations back in the 1930's.

How much more can this little nation be punished and her leaders scandalized by the world's leaders before her God sends more plagues? Haven't the HURRICANES, TORNADOES, EARTHQUAKES, FLOODS, FIRES, DROUGHTS, FROSTS, the destruction of the FISH in the oceans, BITTER WATER, AIDS, MAD COW, and FOOT and MOUTH DISEASE, STOCK MARKET DECLINE and PINK SLIP PHENOMENA been enough of a lesson to those nations which have scalded Israel with their vicious, lying tongues?

They ought to read the Bible and find out who's who in God's scheme of things. And oh, Don't Forget to Remember that Passover Lesson of Pharaoh!

February 17, 2001

"Remember, America, We Gave You Prosperity!"

Joseph had been thrown into prison as a result of the jealous acts of his eleven brothers, and the subsequent false accusations made by the wife of Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh. Pharaoh dreamed of seven fat cows which were devoured by seven skinny cows. Being troubled at his inability to interpret the dream, when told about the Hebrew prisoner, Joseph, who had been given power by God to interpret dreams, Pharaoh released Joseph from prison to interpret for him. That interpretation has renewed application here and now.

The 70th week of Daniel (Daniel 9:27), the final seven years of the Age, will begin as soon as the Israeli government concludes the false peace "covenant" with the Arabs, and the Rider on the White Horse (Rev. 6:1-2), the man dressed in White from Rome, confirms it. With a unity Government now being formed in Israel between the conservative Prime Minister-elect, Ariel Sharon of the Likud Party, and the liberal peace-bent operatives of the Labor party, Ehud Barak as Defense Minister, and Shimon Peres (the Father of Oslo) as Foreign Minister, a tailor-made alliance to promote the cause of "peace" with the Palestinians is in the making. And while this government may be a mere whistle-stop in the night, and while there may be an intermittent skirmish or so, the peace covenant will ultimately prevail, and what began at Camp David in 1979 will be completed by the advocates of this false peace.

And so, at this moment, just before the beginning of that seven year period, poverty is already setting in like it did in Pharaoh's Egypt. It is the preamble to what will soon hit us in America and around the world like a monumental sledge hammer. It is punishment for what was and what is being done to Israel by America and the rest of the world in driving her to give up her claim to the land which God has given her. The present corporate downsizing syndrome presages those catastrophic events which are to come during the final seven years before the return of the Lord Yeshua, who will rule and reign from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the one thousand year millennium.

America can't say that it wasn't warned. Remember the first year-and-one-half of the Clinton administration when the Black Horse of poverty (Revelation 6:5-6) was first loosed in America and it spread the world over? But then God pulled it up short and gave us a carrot, a test, seven fat cow years (for which Mr. Clinton took all the credit) to see if America had learned her lesson. She hadn't! Even the President's gross immorality didn't bother Americans so long as the stock market soared and pocketbooks were bulging. America even stopped allowing His Commandments in public places. God and His people were annoyances to her. It is fashionable for flamboyant atheists to call the people of God "fundamentalist bigots." Yes, America flunked the test!

And the US administration's mistreatment of Israel doubled, tripled and even quadrupled. They just crowed over their love for the Palestinian-terrorist underdogs. They fell all over themselves in their race to justify the terrorists as they murdered the Jews, forgetting that God called His Son the King of the Jews.

And this nation, initiated by Hillary, even hurried to become the first strong advocate for a Palestinian State on the Jews' land (Biblically and historically). So don't blame God when a sledge-hammer poverty hits. And when it does happen, many will surely say in 2004, "Give us Hillary," as she coins the mantra, "Remember, America, we gave you prosperity!"

December 31, 2000

"A Woman Sitting Inside A Basket"

The election debacle between George Bush and Al Gore has effectively cleared the way for a Hillary Clinton presidential run in 2004. If Gore had won, it would no doubt have blocked her candidacy in 2004. But Bush will offer no real contest to her because of her seemingly inexplicable popularity and his very slim victory.

What is amazing is Hillary Clinton's victory in New York. The Jewish vote, which whisked her into power is enigmatic, marking an amnesia of sorts. It is reminiscent of the same liberal, lackadaisical, naive attitude which preceded Hitler's rise to power in 1930's Germany.

In my last Word of the Lord, dated November 2, 2000, I reported that I saw the Lord holding in His hand a slender, razor sharp, Sword of David. Well, seven days later that sword cut America in two... sharply dividing the nation into warring conservative and liberal camps in the almost evenly divided U.S. elections!

What happened in Florida was a God-happening... an emphatic harbinger of things to come; of His final punishment of the nation that so offended Him by churning up trouble for Israel, "the apple of His eye." (Zechariah 2:8)

Bill Clinton's latest ridiculous "peace plan" advocates giving sovereignty over the Temple Mount to the Jew-hating sons of Esau, when the Scriptures say, "Yet Jacob I have loved; But Esau I have hated." (Malachi 1:2-3) So talk about enigmas! Whose side is the U.S. taking? Here's a little insight: the present day people of Israel are Jacob's descendants (loved by God), while Arafat and the Palestinian people are Esau's descendants (hated by God according to Malachi!).

The uncontrolled growth of Islam (Esau's religion) in America is unparalleled in the history of this country. Siimultaneously, this country is betraying and persecuting the Jewish nation by forcing her to give away her God-given land, piece by piece, which has driven her into a mess: the Arab al-Aksa intifada. As a result of Bill Clinton's political agenda, Jacob's children are in the most vulnerable position that they have been in since 1948, when the fledgling nation was born. It is notable that this persecution against the Jews would never have happened without the US-sponsored "peace" talks, not to excuse the complicity of Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and Ehud Barak, to name a few.

But in four years, America will receive judgment from the hand of God in the person of Zechariah's woman of wickedness rising to power in Mystery Babylon through God's bollixing up the recent Presidential elections so that there was no clear-cut winner. Thus, in 2004, "the basket will be set there on its base."

It was thus on Wednesday evening, November 22, 2000, that the Lord gave me a vision of Hillary coming into great political prominence. Her rise to power will be the penultimate judgment of God against "Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Abominations of the Earth." (Rev. 17:5)

And the joke's on the Jewish people, the very ones who sealed their own future persecution in America. And woe also unto the saints (the true Christians) of the Lord (Rev. 17:6); and woe unto the land of Israel which will soon face that great third world war, Armageddon. (Rev. 16:16)

Let us who care get busy and follow Yeshua's admonition: "I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work." (John 9:4)

November 2, 2000

"The Olive Branch and The Sword!"

On Sunday, October 29, 2000, the Lord spoke. I heard Him say, "Olive Branch." Thus, it is a foregone conclusion that peace and not war will be achieved in the Middle East. The peace will be a false peace which at best will give Israel a little breathing space from the vicious and covetous Arab attacks against them and their land. Daniel calls it a "covenant with many (the Hebrew word for many is "rabim," not "Rabin" as some have taught) for one week (7 years)." (Daniel 9:27) Isaiah calls it a "covenant made with death and with hell." (Isaiah 28:15) The Brit Hadashah (New Covenant) describes it a little differently, "For when they say 'Peace and safety!' then sudden destruction comes upon them." (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

Make no mistake about it. This current uprising in Israel is not that "sudden destruction" of which the Scripture speaks. This is just a "flood... of ungodly men," (Psalm 18:4; Daniel 9:26) the "Pale-stone-ian intidafa," which leads up to the time when the False Prophet (the rider on the White Horse - the Pope - Rev. 6:1-2) will confirm, not make, the covenant between Israel and the Arabs. Scripture says that the confirmation will initiate the seven year period, the 70th Week of Daniel, also generally referred to as "the time of Jacob's trouble." (Jeremiah 30:7) It has not yet begun; these are just the birth pangs, "the beginning of sorrows," of which Yeshua spoke. (Matthew 24:8) But be aware that the covenant, the false peace, will be achieved, and thus the Lord spoke the word, "Olive Branch," the symbol of peace, and it is a sign that the flood of ungodly men will eventually stop. (Genesis 8:11)

Maybe you have heard it said that the seven year covenant is now over, when it has never even been consumated; that the Lord is annulling a covenant which has never even reached its "final status." That concept is just another round of bombast as specious as the now archaic Y2K hyperbole. Better we should not judge by circumstances, but by accurate Scriptural interpretation.

But make no mistake about it. There is a price to pay for the malicious touching of the Apple of His eye. (Zechariah 2:8) It was thus that at 4:00 AM on Tuesday morning, November 1, 2000, as I was praying, I was lifted in the Spirit into the throne room of God where I saw the Lord standing before me. He held in His hand, the slender, razor sharp, Sword of David... signifying judgment against the perpetrators of these heinous deeds against His beloved Jewish brethren. Beware, Palestinians and nations! The Lord's wrath is burning, and He will take steps to punish!!!

October 2, 2000

"The Trumpet Blows on Rosh Hashanah!"

While the world press slanders Israel and blames Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount for the hatred in the hearts of the Arabs and their resultant violence toward Israel, the big guns of God are being triggered like clockwork and no one even hears them.

Indeed, Islam has infected Zion just as it did the Balkans, and the nations are preparing to do battle against Zion, just as they did against the Serbs not too long ago. But that's a little while in the future; not until the blowing of the sixth Trumpet (Rev. 9:13-21) and the simultaneous pouring out of the sixth Bowl. (Rev. 16:12-16) These things will take a little more time in the coming.

The Lord God of the sons of Jacob, the only God who is God, declares to the sons of Esau and to their god, Allah, who is anti-God:

Between now and the time scheduled for Messiah Yeshua's return to the Temple Mount, "And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His Temple," (Malachi 3:1) Lucifer will have to be removed. Obviously, the Lord will not return to the Dome of the Rock which says on its face in Arabic, "God has no son." Neither will He return to the Al Aksa Mosque. Did Lucifer not say, "I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north?" (Isaiah 14:13) Will he not have to be removed from the place reserved for Jacob's God? Only God can do that.

Meanwhile, he is fighting through Yasir Arafat and all the Arabs to retain his place in East Jerusalem, the place of God's Temple Mount. He wants to freeze God out, and so he creates a flurry of violence over the recent visit of Ariel Sharon to the Mount, when in reality, it belongs to the brave Mr. Sharon and to all the other sons of Jacob. After all, didn't he buck world opinion and the wrath of Lucifer in visiting the site in question.

Of course, those who don't believe in God and can't see any farther than their noses will not agree with me or with the Bible, or in fact that there is even one God, let alone a God who is the God of the Hebrews. Alas, no one much believed Noah either when he built his ark... that is... at least until the flood came. But I write for the benefit of those who will have ears to hear what God is saying and will repent.

And God would say to all of you who support this ignoble desecration of His holy Mount which, by the way, He gave to Israel to whom He is a Father, (Jeremiah 31:9)

Listen carefully to what God is saying. On Monday evening, September 4, 2000, I saw a vision of "four trumpets wrapped in an American flag." Remember my earlier vision of a shofar coming down from heaven surrounded by a panoply of divine light? (See our September 5, 1999 Word of the Lord, "That Big Bad Saturday Night Bash in Egypt!")

That earlier vision indicated a soon-coming strong divine intervention into the affairs of men, and it did come shortly thereafter. Well this time the Lord is saying that the Trumpets of His divine judgment are starting to be blown, but in America first because America has played the chief Harlot towards Israel. (Rev. 17:5)

Thus, America is receiving God's judgment right now, because America has committed the greatest harlotry possible: Turning away from the God of Jacob to honor the anti-God of Islam. These judgments are manifesting themselves as plagues, the same types of plagues that were sent 3,500 years ago against Pharaoh's Egypt. They originate in America, the main culprit, only to move from ocean to ocean; the effects will be global. Why America first? Because America has dominated Israel, the "apple of His eye," and is forcing her to give away the hallowed land He gave to her as an everlasting possession. Indeed, the first three of the four trumpets have been blown in His "burning jealousy," as Ezekiel prophesied many thousands of years ago, because prophecy always comes to pass.

The First Four Trumpets

Revelation 8:7 - The first Trumpet. Fires. The Western fires. The Texas "Dust Bowl." The huge droughts.

Revelation 8:8-9 - The second Trumpet. A 3rd of the living creatures in the sea die. Basketball size Jellyfish choke out all life in the Gulf of Mexico; lobsters die in Long Island Sound; the invasive Red Algae.

Revelation 8:10-11 - The third Trumpet. Poisoned bottled waters in New York.

Revelation 8:12-13 - The Fourth Trumpet. A third of the sun, moon, and stars darkened; A third of the day and night did not shine. Does not yet appear to have happened. But it's next.

You might ask, don't all of the seven Seals of the Book of Revelation (Rev. 6:1-17; 8:1-6) have to be opened first before the Trumpets are blown? No. Why? Because the Seals are like "bookmarks." They are likened by the Lord to a "patchwork quilt" which He may open like a "grab bag" (the words in quotes are those given to me by the Lord) to send forth His "samples" in any order He pleases, interspersed with the Trumpets and Bowls (a/k/a Vials).

Furthermore, although a Seal is opened, the designated event may occur gradually. In other words, the Trumpets may begin to be blown and the Bowls poured out (Trumpets and Bowls are really the same events, shown to the prophet in a double vision) before the Seals are all completely opened, in effect, "playing tag" back and forth, "touch and go" in "bits and pieces." We do know that the seventh Seal must first be opened before any Trumpets can be blown, (Rev. 8:1-6), so we do know with a certainty that this Seal has already been opened.

The violence broke out on Thursday, September 28th, (the 28th day of the Hebrew month Elul) the day before the start of the Rosh Hashanah holiday, called Biblically, Yom Teruah, the "day of blowing the shofar (trumpets)." It is called Rosh Hashanah, "the head of the year," by the rabbis. But the Biblical first month, or "head of the year" is really the Hebrew month of Nisan, when on the 15th day, Passover, the children of Israel were lead out of Egypt by Moses, the great deliverer. But if the Feast day is more appropriately called by its Biblical name, the day of blowing of the shofar (or trumpets), then one can more readily understand that God is indeed beginning to punish the enemies of His people. We can thus say

The time of her vindication is at hand, and we are at the periphery right now. His angels have begun to blow the first four trumpets of her vindication right now. (Revelation 8:7-13). But remember, before the deliverance, must first come the plagues, and the faith in Messiah Yeshua. A Caveat: Beware, you enemies of Zion, those of you who slander her and rejoice in her tears. For her God shall come with a vengeance, and no army in the world can protect you in the day of His wrath!!!

In a typical article, slanted against Israel by her detractors, dated September 30, 2000 (Rosh Hashanah), entitled, "At Least 12 More Arabs Die in Confrontations With Israelis," the New York Times identifies Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount as a "defiant visit." Do you see the slander? It ignores what God has to say. The arrogance of a humanity that sneers at it's Creator. But it will get worse because, indeed, because this is the time of the great "falling away" that Scripture speaks of. And what is happening this very day on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is exactly that! And just a tiny handful of the world's population is even concerned. Certainly not the news media.

The Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish nation pursuant to the mandate of God. This will always be true, in spite of the traitorous actions of Moshe Dayan when in 1967 he gave autonomy over the Temple Mount to the Muslim clerics (the Waqf). Also, it is so in spite of the rhetoric of such liberal thinkers as Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and Yossi Beilin, who so flippantly refuse to believe the God of Israel and the promises He made to Israel. Indeed, they carelessly give away the heritage of the Jewish nation, and there is a price to pay. Lord Yeshua, come quickly and establish your Temple and your Throne in the city of the Great King!

July 17, 2000

"Daughters of Jerusalem, Weep... For Yourselves."

When I asked the Lord the question what was going to be the outcome of Camp David, I heard Him say the same words He said to His beloved people and City about two thousand years ago as He was being marched to His execution.

Perhaps they do not believe in Him who is their Messiah and Firstborn from the dead and in His return one day soon to establish His throne as their King - after the destructions which are about to begin are concluded. But they do believe in Bill Clinton.

Indeed, something is amiss. And it is hard to understand how they would despise their Savior, the One who will return to this earth to rescue them from the despicable abomination some call "peace," and in the same breath would believe in the one who is leading them into destruction. Irony? Hating the truth and believing the lie. Yes, they will surely weep for themselves and for their children. And He will weep for them, too, from heaven. But then He will take action and will come back to annul (Isaiah 28:18) Barak's "covenant with death and hell," (Isaiah 28:14-15; Daniel 9:27) with the Riders on the Gray Horse of Islam: Arafat and company. (Revelation 6:7-8)

And Camp David will, when concluded, be confirmed by the Rider on the White Horse (Revelation 6: 1-2) from the Vatican. Bill Clinton and America, the Rider on the Black Horse (Revelation 6:5-6), will absolutely drive the hard bargain to conclusion, and resultant poverty and myriad judgments will befall America - which is immersed in noxious harlotry against the God of the Hebrews - and it is the American eagle (Revelation 12:14) which will drive Israel into the beckoning enticements, the open arms, the Biblical wilderness of the nations.

And then finally shall come the climax, the big finale where the Rider on the Red Horse, none other than the revived Communistic Russia, (Revelation 6:3-4) under the Antichrist leader, will bring to a conclusion the whole misery of the Daughter of Zion and the entire world, with the final war of the age, Armageddon.

And that's what's happening at Camp David. Surprised? And that's why I felt particularly led at this time to "blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in His Holy Mountain." (Joel 2:1) Camp David, do your dirty work, because I really am impatient for the King of the Jews to come back and bring His justice and His Kingdom with Him. "Put it all together, Lord."

May 28, 2000

"You Shall Have No Power To Stand Before Your Enemies"

In the Torah portion that is read by all Jews throughout the world on this Shabbat, 22 Iyyar 5760 (May 27, 2000), BeHukotai, Leviticus 26:3-27:34, it is written,

And thus, Israeli troops were "hamstrung" by the heathen Hezbollah terrorists and forced to move, in shame, from their security zone in Lebanon six weeks before the determined time, endangering the lives of their allies, the SLA, and the thousands of Israelis who live in northern Israel. Another indication of the foolishness of the peace accords conceived and implemented by man. And what does Ehud Barak get in return? A place in Bill Clinton's "honor roll." But there will be a price to be paid for the false peace accord, the mindless giveaway of Jewish lands (a gift from their God), which will descend like locusts upon the unsuspecting citizenry of Israel.

This will be implemented by the seven year period set to begin when the false Mideast Peace Accord is finalized, and then confirmed by the Vatican. The final seven year period, also known as the 70th week of Daniel (Daniel 9:27), before Messiah Yeshua returns to rule and reign on the Throne of David, in the Tabernacle of David, in Jerusalem (Amos 9:11), is also the fulfillment of this week's Torah portion. A coincidence?

Israel will be punished during the last seven years of the age, the last 3 ½ years of which is the "time of Jacob's trouble." (Jeremiah 30:7) But Israel will be saved by the arm of the Lord, for they are the apple of His eye. Make no mistake about that. And Barak's "covenant with death will be annulled" (Isaiah 28:18) by God.

But in the meantime, God would say to Israel,

Their submission to the will of Bill Clinton and world opinion, of the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, the Vatican, and, the Arabs is indeed, a full-fledged, modern-day idolatry. Shame on you, Ehud Barak!

April 20, 2000

"Let My People Go!" (Exodus 10:3)

"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee," (Genesis 12:3) pertains to God's promise to Abraham, and thereafter to his sons of the chosen line, Isaac and Jacob. Esau was never the intended recipient of that blessing from God. (Genesis 25:23)

But Bill Clinton is trying to take it from Jacob and give it to Esau's descendants. By so doing, Clinton is activating the Biblical consequence of Genesis 12:3. Every nation that ever cursed Jacob's chosen children, including Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, the British Empire, and Germany to name a few, were prior recipients of God's stated foreign policy: "If you curse My chosen people, you will be cursed."

And Clinton continues to pressure Israel to give away her inheritance from God, and God's hand is being forced once again to levy the curse in return against Clinton and the country over which he presides, America. 3,500 years earlier, another Pharaoh also had to learn the hard way. The sea opened and swallowed him and his people up. But Jacob's children escaped.

Today, the first day of Passover, Thursday, April 20, 2000, Yasser Arafat is sitting down with President Clinton in Washington, DC, the actual day when the Lord delivered the Jews from slavery in Egypt thousands of years ago. They are plotting how to steal God's blessing away from the Jews and give it to the Arabs, Esau's descendants.

The bottom line: I heard the Lord say, "Polly put the kettle on," because He's steaming over the skullduggery of Clinton and Arafat.

When will America learn to stop cursing the chosen of God? According to God's word, never! And if Clinton is a type of Pharaoh, watch out for the plagues!

February 28, 2000

Though A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss,
Ba-Rock Garners A Mess!

America is working feverishly (to its own detriment) to drive Israel into peace covenants with Syria, the Palestinians and Lebanon by offering Israel a bi-lateral defense pact.

On February 8, 2000, The Jerusalem Post reported, "The United States and Israel have begun to draft a strategic agreement that stops short of a full-fledged defense treaty and would accompany a peace deal with Syria..." The same newspaper reports, "Barak hints he supports full Golan pullback."

Make no mistake about it, Clinton will have his way with his puppet, Barak, who will strike a deal with Syria thereby snookering the Israeli public. American guarantees will make peace with Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinians not just palatable, but a foregone conclusion.

America promises to defend Israel if any of these not-so-friendly peace partners get into character and turn back on Israel - which they will - you can bank on it - after she has, of course given her precious inheritance from God - the Promised Land - away. And God will keep His international foreign policy statement promise to America:

Israel lost her independence under God in 586 BC to Babylon. Now she is voluntarily giving it to what the Scriptures refer to as "Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots," (Rev. 17:5) with its capital of mammon in New York City. (Rev. 17:18)

But there are strings attached. Israel will have its real capital in Washington, DC and she will sadly have to dance to the tune of "The Stars And Stripes Forever" rather than the "Hatikvah," and who will weep for her if not God? But have no fear. He will rescue her in the end. But Barak, the modern-day Samson, will get an American-style razor cut just like Samson got a Philistine-style cut before him.

And of equal disgraceful magnitude, on Tuesday, February 15th, the Vatican signed an agreement with the Palestinians "strongly condemning Israel's hold over all of Jerusalem as 'morally and legally unacceptable.'" (The Jerusalem Post, February 16, 2000)

By this, the world is encouraged to believe the outright lie; because the Pope has given his un-godly moral support to Arafat's typically rancorous, vacuous, obnoxious, untruthful, propagandistic, non-Biblical and historically inaccurate rhetoric: that Israel's annexation of east Jerusalem is illegal, and that he, the Pope, does not recognize Israeli sovereignty there. The Vatican's stand is Biblically incorrect, in fact, the doctrine of demons; in short, occult anti-God slander.

Israel's dance with religious wickedness will deteriorate into the 3-1/2 year "time of Jacob's trouble," (Jer. 30:5-8) kicked off by the Pope's quick as greased lightning confirmation of the composite Middle East Peace accord - Daniel's covenant. (Dan. 9:27) A big time, slick apostasy is unfolding on the world stage at this very moment. And finally the Third World War, Armageddon, will explode against Israel. (Rev. 16:16) But God will save His beloved people. Their enemies, however, will not be so fortunate. By the way, Armageddon is not some kind of meteorite bombardment like the movies depict.

The international motivation behind this attack is revealed in the latest typical anti-Israel rhetoric spoken by the infamous Arab "peacemaker,"Yasser Arafat, as reported in the February 16th Israeli newspaper, Arutz-7. (Coincidentally, I didn't read anything about it in the anti-Israel Western press).

"Earlier this week, Yasser Arafat told delegates of a conference in Morocco that massive Muslim funds were needed to save 'Arab East Jerusalem' (a Biblically non-supported and historically inaccurate statement) from what he called its 'cancerous Judaization' by Israel."

The same issue reports that Barak's latest capitulation resulted in the fact that "Israel would make changes in the maps of the upcoming withdrawal, and would allow the Palestinians to take part in determining the adjustments."

And now America, Russia, Arab and Indo European Muslims, the Catholic Church, United Nations, European Union, NATO, and most of the entire world, will evolve into the Jew-haters that Jacob's trouble speaks of. Only the true born-again Believers will stand with the Jewish people, their brethren by adoption, in the midst of the trouble.

The Pope's agreement with Arafat against the Jews is a forerunner of the time when he will confirm the false Middle East Peace covenant (Daniel 9:27) between the Arabs and Israel. When that confirmation comes, it will ignite the last 7 years of the age, concluding with the restoration of the throne of David that was interrupted by Nebuchadnezzar's destructions in 586 BC. Then Yeshua Messiah will return to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (minus the Dome of the Rock) to establish His Kingdom. He will sit on His throne as King and High Priest for the 1,000 year millennium of Shalom on the earth.

And Though A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss,
Ba-Rock Garners A Mess,
For Which The God-Consequences Will Be Massive,
Widespread, Pervasive, Quick And Just.

December 12, 1999

Dismal History in the Making
Through A New Open Door of Peace!

On December 8, 1999, President Clinton announced a monumental breakthrough in the "land- for-peace" negotiations between Syria and Israel. Syria is the key to completing a comprehensive Middle East Peace Covenant because after Syria signs on to the accords, the rest of the Arab states will follow suit. A peace euphoria has already started to sweep through the nations.

And now that Bill Clinton and his Administration have, through subtle and not so subtle persuasions, enticed the Syrians to resume negotiations with the Israelis after a three year hiatus, the final impediment to a phoney, lopsided peace has been removed and the stage is now set. Set for what? For the final "kiss of death" which will suck Israel into the vortex, the anti-Semitic, anti-Biblical, anti-God and anti-good-sense peace treaty with all the Arab states that Scriptures describe as a "covenant with death, and with Sheol (Hell) we are in agreement," (Isaiah 28:15) also the "covenant with many for one week," (the last 7 years of the Age - Dan. 9:27) and as the time "when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them." (1 Thess. 5:3)

Indeed, there is an olive branch of peace lying just ahead. But it is a trap. Because, in reality, that olive branch is an iceberg partially submerged in the waters, just like the one that sank the unsinkable Titanic. And maybe there are Nobel Prizes to be won by Messrs. Clinton, Barak, Assad and Arafat, but God says there will be a price to be paid. And already His wrath is boiling over against the culprit.

Measure For Measure

On December 7, 1999, an earthquake shook a wide area of Orange County and southeastern Los Angeles County, 35 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles; on December 9th, a marine helicopter crashed killing 7 (on the 7th day, God rested), and on December 10th, a U.S. Air Force plane crashed at the Kuwait International Airport killing 3 American soldiers (symbolic of the triune Godhead). And there will be more on the way!

Ehud Barak and Samson

Ehud Barak, the famed and highly decorated General of the Israel Defense Forces, and his administration will not escape God's anger for their infidelity. They have been warned by the words of Moses. So also was Samson warned. But they both despised the commandments of their God. One result: Israel presently suffers from one of the worst droughts in it's history. But that's nothing compared to what's coming against her at the hands of the spiteful nations that are leading her oh so gently to the guillotine.

And so God tries in vain to warn the brash General, who like Samson, refuses to listen, and instead makes tracks to the bedside of his comely Delilah, where his hair will be shorn and his power destroyed. He, the General, is too hungry for the approval of Albright (or more aptly, "All-Dark"), Clinton, Arafat, Assad, the UN, the EU and all of the nations at whose recommendation he negotiates with thieves, cutthroats and Philistines who hunger after his borders. (Isaiah 28:14-15) But the Lord God of Israel will save him out of it at the last moment. (Vv.18)

And like the obstinate Samson, as Secretary of State Albright was about to land in Israel last Tuesday night, in an unexpected change of policy, and to the hurt of his own people, he said he would halt further expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. (NY Times, 12/8/99)

And when Albright said at a joint news conference with him, "Each side needs to avoid taking steps... that embarrass the other and make negotiations more difficult," it somehow slipped his mind to remind her of the flagrantly illegal Palestinian excavation of the Temple Mount which has damaged important Jewish archaeological sites - which activity he has refused to interfere with, and instead is allowing the Muslims to dig out a cavernous new entrance to an underground prayer hall (NY Times, 12/6/99), beneath the Holy site of God's soon-to-be re-built Temple.

And so on Wednesday and Thursday, December 15 & 16, 1999, Israel and Syria will meet in Washington, DC, to resume negotiations. Under President Clinton's watchful eye, Israel will be pressured to give up the Golan Heights which God gave to the Hebrew tribe of Manasseh about 3,500 years ago (Deut. 4: 43), and which will result in an indefensible border with Syria. But Barak said "he was willing to make painful territorial concessions in exchange for peace." Whose pain? Barak's? Or the poor settlers, some of whom were born there and lived and worked there all of their lives?

And on December 3, 1999, Arutz-7, the Israeli news, reported that "Prime Minister Barak has instructed the relevant authorities not to worry about the number of guns in the Palestinian Authority. This represents a change in Israeli policy; one of Israel's long-standing demands of the Palestinian Authority has been to limit the number of guns to the number allowed by the Oslo agreements and to collect the rest. Barak said that the guns do not represent a threat to Israel. Arafat apparently feels differently, however. Speaking to a cheering crowd last year, Arafat said, 'The guns are ready to protect the right of Palestinians in eastern Jerusalem, as the capital of the future Palestinian state. Our guns are ready and we are ready to use them against whoever will try to prevent us from praying in Jerusalem.'"

Samson thought his great strength made him invincible. So does Barak, who is drunk with power. But it didn't and it won't. And Samson found that out the hard way when his hair was cut off and his eyes were plucked out. (Judges 16:19-21)

And soon Barak will make peace with Lebanon, and will foolishly allow them to unload their squalid, crime-ridden refugee camps of 350,000 Palestinian refugees into Israel's backyards. But that's another horror story!

You're on a course destined for destruction, Barak! "Of the Rock that begot thee thou art unmindful!" But beware, America, for having pushed this red button so that Clinton could get a lofty legacy of peace in the Middle East to vindicate a sordid past - at the expense of God's beloved Jewish people. "For the battle is the Lord's." (1 Samuel 17: 47)

But the Rock that begot Israel will not utterly forsake His people. He will send their Messiah Yeshua back to save them and restore the Land to them after their own devices have failed... just like He did for Samson. (Judges 16:28)

November 21, 1999

The Significant 33

Yes, indeed, a wall of "peace" is being constructed by Ehud Barak separating his people from their enemies. The Jews are being torn off their God-given land in preparation for a new Palestinian state which Barak has decided, in his own authority, is the correct thing to do.

In The Los Angeles Times of November 10, 1999, Israel television quoted Barak as saying, "No one from Maon will teach me... love of the land of Israel." On November 11th, a picture on the front page of the South Florida newspaper, The Sun-Sentinel, showed a Jewish man from the West Bank settlement of Havat Maon (the place Barak was referring to), south of Hebron, clutching his baby to his breast while police officers dragged them from their home before dawn on Wednesday, November 10th, forcing them off the land that God gave to Israel.

Barak showed Clinton and Arafat that he could be counted on to protect their anti-Biblical interests. Isn't it strange that in the Land of Israel they call followers of Messiah Yeshua "Meshumid" (betrayers), but they approve of Barak giving away their God-given inheritance? It makes more sense to say Barak is the betrayer of God and the Messianic Believers are the loyal ones.

If the people of Maon can't teach Prime Minister Barak the importance of the Land, then their God will. But He won't stop there! He will also teach the enemies of His people. Witness the "33" warning.

On November 1, 1999, The New York Times, reported in an article entitled, "Egyptian Jet Carrying 217 Plunges Into The Atlantic," that, "An Egyptian jetliner bound from New York with 217 people aboard plunged suddenly into the Atlantic south of Nantucket Island 33 minutes after takeoff early Sunday." (October 31, 1999)

A little later on that same Sunday, President Clinton departed for Oslo, Norway, to meet with Middle East leaders at a ceremony honoring the slain Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. Clinton's presence at the ceremony with Prime Minister Barak and Yasir Arafat, his sycophant, added fuel to the fire of the land for peace initiative.

And so, the day before the anti-God, anti-Zionist conference began, the Egyptian plane crashed. Also of interest, there were exactly 33 Egyptian military officers onboard the plane who "were in the United States to meet or train with U.S. defense contractors, the Pentagon said Thursday." (11/4/99 NY Times)

So we see that enemies of Israel were in the U.S. to collect weapons and learn how to use them against Israel, who on the other hand, is being forced by America's other hand to give up her defensible boundaries to those who fiercely hate her and want to drive her into the sea of destruction. And the plane crashed just after the Egyptian high command began to make unexpected and bellicose anti-Israel war noises. This is the same Egypt that signed a peace deal with Israel at Camp David in 1979 under the administration of Jimmy Carter (for which he lost his bid for a second term).

Additionally, just about the same day that the plane went down and the conference in Oslo began, Barak stated that he would offer statehood to the Palestinians in the February 2000 accord (11/1/99 NY Times). Wham! Another nail in the coffin of his own trusting constituents.

On the morning of Sunday, November 7th, three pipe bombs exploded in Netanya, Israel, injuring 33 Israelis (and killing none, thank God). Strangely enough, this bombing was on the eve of the Monday, November 8th launching of the landmark final status negotiations which will, when concluded, birth the "sudden destruction" that the prophets predicted.

Israeli Jews have been living on the Golan Heights for 33 years, longer than half of the entire existence of the State of Israel. And Ehud Barak would soon tell them that "the peace of the brave" would call for "very difficult decisions," involving a painful price to be paid by them when they are focibly removed from their homes and land.

So, do you think God is justified in His anger? What would you do if it were your child, as Israel is His?

And another of His children, as a matter of fact, His only begotten Son, Yeshua, was crucified (so that all who believe in Him would not perish) at the age of 33!

September 5, 1999

That Big Bad Saturday Night Bash in Egypt!

On Tuesday, June 29, 1999, the Lord gave me a vision of a shofar (a ram's horn) extending down from heaven, surrounded with a panoply of divine light (see below).

It was a warning about the false peace agreement that would shortly come to pass and that it would evoke the judgments of God against America, "whether by drought, flooding, whirlwinds, earthquakes, a new Lewinsky matter to shake the White House, or whatever."

The September 3, 1999 New York Times, in an article entitled, "New Mideast Peace Deal Is Reached," reports, "With a nudge from Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Israel and the Palestinians concluded a long-sought agreement Friday for a further Israeli pullback from the West Bank. The deal clears the way for a possible overall peace accord within a year.(The article reported elsewhere that the goal of an overall settlement is September 2000). The agreement which will be signed Saturday in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, plants the first seeds of a permanent peace by setting a Feb. 15 deadline to put together a framework for a final settlement."

The problem is that it is God's land which He gave to the Jews and nobody got His permission before giving it away. In fact, He would never give that permission because the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is where His Temple will sit.You see, the Dome of the Rock simply doesn't belong to Him, but to an interloper who has the audacity to call himself God! (Isaiah 12:14-15) And this big land giveaway is so very pleasing to that interloper. But God is angry.

A New Slavery Begins

Yasser Arafat, an Egyptian by birth, is initiating a new Jewish captivity of sorts which was consummated on Saturday, September 4, 1999, at a signing held in the land of Egypt - images of Pharaoh 3900 years ago abound - and America instigated the whole deal. Do you think God is justified in his anger?

Witness the former Hurricane Dennis, a "whirlwind," which is one of the species of judgments I warned about. Like a cat hovering over a mouse hole waiting for the unsuspecting victim to emerge, Dennis hovered for 6 days off the shore of North Carolina sending 14 foot waves crashing daily onto the shoreline, and then mysteriously back tracked and pounced with 70 mile an hour winds on the 7th day, the very day that the big bad agreement was signed - September 4th, Saturday evening Middle East time.

And instead of "a new Lewinsky matter to shake the White House," we got a re-awakened Branch Davidian, Waco. A wake-up call? You bet! And worse things are coming.

This agreement carries a tentative target date - September 2000 - for a permanent agreement. That will be 21 years since the signing of the Camp David accords between Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat when the Sinai was given to Egypt, also against the Biblical mandate. 14 years after that initial peace agreement, another historic ceremony took place on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993 when Arafat and Rabin signed the Oslo Accord and shook hands.

This is the last 7 years before the throne of David is restored to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, returns to reign there as King and High Priest.

Jesus called this time period (probably the last 3-1/2 years of that 7-year period) the "great tribulation," (Matt. 24:21) and Jeremiah called it the "Time of Jacob's (Israel's) Trouble." (Jer. 30:7)

That is why I call September 4, 1999, the 4th day of Elul in the year 5759, "That Big Bad Saturday Night Bash in Egypt," the day that God's fireworks started in earnest - a portent of things to come!

July 2, 1999
The Ram's Horn From Heaven

On Tuesday, June 29, 1999, the Lord gave me a vision of a ram's horn (shofar) extending down from heaven, surrounded with a panoply of divine light. What did this mean? It meant that a sudden and dramatic change is about to take place.

Benjamin Netanyahu was driven out of the office of Prime Minister of Israel and Ehud Barak was driven in - under the persistent instigation of the Clinton Administration - and God is blowing His trumpet of warning from heaven. He is signaling that a dangerous and intense turn of events is about to take place for which His judgments will be the consequence, be it drought, flooding, whirlwinds, earthquakes or whatever; that the broad-based Ehud Barak coalition is soon to be consummated, and Barak will then emulate and follow in the footsteps of the deceased Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's land giveaway programs.

The Lord recently warned about this very thing happening. (See below for our previous Word .)

In a July 2, 1999 article entitled, "Israel PM-Elect Barak Calls Arafat," The New York Times reported, "Barak told Arafat that he would follow in the footsteps of slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin to end the Israeli-Arab conflict and bring peace to the region... During nearly six weeks of bargaining, Barak built a coalition with a comfortable majority in Parliament, representing many segments of Israel's society." (Italics added.)

Now God is warning that the seven year "covenant with many" (Daniel 9:27) will be finalized and then confirmed by the man from Rome, perhaps in the year 2000 (21 years after the inception of the peace process at Camp David in 1979), and the last seven years of the age (a total of four 7-year periods, from 1979 until 2007) will be set in motion - leading to the terrifying time, not of peace, but of peril, described Biblically as "the time of Jacob's trouble." (Jeremiah 30:5-7)

Oh, how they will miss Netanyahu - in fact, at some point they might even get so terrified that they'll beg him to come back - no longer an outcast but a hero- who had the guts to say "No" to Clinton, Arafat, Assad, the UN, the EU, the Vatican, NATO and anyone else who threatened the security of his little precious country. Only time will tell.

And now that Netanyahu is gone, President Clinton has already begun to twist the knife in the wound. The Scripture says, "Now nothing that they (Barak and Clinton) propose to do will be withheld from them." (Genesis 11:6) And they will no longer be deterred from making the covenant of false peace that Israel's enemies (including the White House) have salivated for. (Daniel 9:27)

A case in point: The July 2, 1999 New York Times article, entitled, "Clinton: We now have a 'real chance' for peace." And I quote Clinton's words. "The coalition that Prime Minister-elect Barak has assembled 'should give him more freedom of movement to move aggressively ahead' on the peace process...' Clinton said a settlement between Israel and Arafat's Palestinian Authority 'is also the best way for Palestinians to shape their own future on their own land.'" (On whose own land?)

To Clinton, peace means dissecting and vivisecting Israel's minuscule, already sub-divided, postage stamp-sized nation, so that the Arabs can add number 23 to their already monolithic block of 22 nations totaling approximately 500,000 square miles of land. And they call this, "the peace of the brave?" I call them bullies!

Clinton, in his perverse sense of fairness and humanity, criticized Israel's "provocative settlement actions," on the very land that the Hebrew/Christian Bible declares belongs to them. He criticized the Netanyahu government, now in the last days of their administration, for bombing Lebanon in self-defense to retaliate for the previous bombing deaths of two Israelis. He told Israel that they should apply "maximum self-restraint in the crucial months ahead." (If Russia bombed Washington, DC would Clinton show maximum restraint or would he retaliate? I wonder.)

He also commented on the Palestinian refugee problem (which to a large extent is a lot of fabrication, exaggeration and puffery), by saying that he would "like it" if Palestinians "felt free and were free to live wherever they like."

And will there be, after this massive influx, any room left in the Jewish land for the Jews? Or doesn't that even matter any more!

So then, God is warning and I'm reporting. "Polly put the kettle on," and soon it will be boiling. The steam (His Holy Spirit) is scalding hot. And the four winds of heaven are blowing it where it will: Alas, judgment will inevitably fall!

June 1, 1999

Ehud Barak's Peace Paradigm

On Saturday, May 29, 1999, I saw in vision, Yitzhak Rabin, the slain Israeli Prime Minister, with a fishing pole in his hands, fishing in a river. Then the Lord said to me, "Tell what you have seen."

My interpretation of the vision is that Ehud Barak, the Prime Minister-elect of Israel, after fishing for and catching members of the broadest-based coalition government possible, will institute the same land giveaway program perpetrated by his liberal Labor Party predecessor, Yitzhak Rabin.

An on-line article in the May 25, 1999 Arutz-7 from Israel reported that "Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat have already reached an agreement on the division of Jerusalem... the agreement gives Arafat control of 150,000 Palestinians plus Christian and Muslim holy sites. Barak... will not object to the declaration of a Palestinian state with its capital in the Jerusalem suburb of Abu Dis."

Additionally, the dovish and downright dangerous Shimon Peres has been chosen as Barak's "Peace Minister," an ominous sign that does not bode well for the hope of lasting Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Once Mr. Barak consummates the covenant of false peace with the Arabs, the Pope will come and confirm it. At the moment of that confirmation, Daniel's 70th Week begins; the period consisting of the last 7 years, dreadful years indeed, leading to the third world war, Armageddon. Following this the Lord Yeshua returns to fight for His people Israel, and thereafter establishes His throne, the throne of David, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

All of those who would "heave it away" (Jerusalem), be they Jew or Gentile, had best think carefully of the consequences: They "will surely be cut in pieces," and receive the righteous judgments of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

April 28, 1999

Israel's Right To A State
With Borders Based On
The Balfour Declaration of 1917

On Thursday, April 22, 1999, I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, "Balfour Declaration."

In an article dated April 28, 1999, and entitled, "Israel Fails To Block UN Vote On Partition, Right Of Return," the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported:

"The UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva passed a resolution yesterday, with European support, calling for Palestinian self-determination on the basis of the UN partition resolution of 1947 (181) and the resolution calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees (194), without any explicit mention of the peace process or its foundation in UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338...

"In comments reported in the El-Yam Daily last week, Palestinian Authority Planning Minister Nabil Sha'ath said, 'In his tour through most of the world's countries, the president spoke of the right to a Palestinian state, a right that is based on Resolution 181 of 1947 and not on the resolution of the Madrid conference and the Oslo accords.'"

Well then, if Israel's land grant from the Lord God Almighty isn't enough to impress the UN and the nations of the world, and if Arafat wants to base his claim to a Palestinian state on a resolution issued in 1947, then Israel should go back even further in history and raise up her prior legal right under the land grant made pursuant to the Balfour Declaration in 1917.

This is a supervening political right, prior in time and legally superior to the United Nations Resolution 181, which the Palestinians are using to justify the creation of a Palestinian state, which resolution they flatly rejected when it was first passed in 1947. The Arabs chose instead to go to war against the tiny, new-born nation of Israel, fully intending to wipe her off the map. But God was with Israel, and the Arabs failed.

To elucidate, I quote from Chapter 14 of my book, "While The Fiddler Played, The World Came To An End:" (For a description of the book, click here for info.)

The very use of the words 'occupied territories' flies in the teeth of a holy God because it is a slanderous lie against His people and His word. The lands presently in contention were, according to Scripture, ancient Biblical lands given by God to Israel (not to the Arabs!) as an everlasting possession.

Because of the Arab's historical revisionist propaganda campaign, a little history lesson is in order here. In 1917, Britain issued the Balfour Declaration which stated that the Jewish people were entitled to the establishment in Palestine of a national home and that 'His Majesty's Government' would 'use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object.'

During the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, Emir Faisal, son of Sherif Hussein, the acknowledged leader of the Arabs, signed an agreement with Dr. Chaim Weizmann and other Zionist leaders which desired the fulfillment of the Balfour Declaration and called for the immediate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale to settle them on the land. Faisal had conditioned his acceptance on the fulfillment of British World War I promises to the Arabs, who had hoped for independence in a vast part of the Turkish Ottoman empire.

Now to further follow our history lesson, we must turn to the League of Nations and the mandate system which came into being after World War I for the purpose of governing the area which had theretofore been under the control of the Turkish Ottoman empire. The Encyclopedia Britannica is a good source of reference material. Let's examine it.

"Mandate, authorization granted by the League of Nations to a member nation to govern a former German or Turkish colony or other conquered territory. The territory was called a mandated territory, or more loosely, a mandate.

"Following the defeat of Germany and Ottoman Turkey in World War I, their Asian and African possessions which were judged unfit to govern themselves were distributed among the victorious Allied powers under the authority of the League of Nations (itself an Allied creation). Among such mandates, formerly Turkish-ruled Iraq and Palestine were assigned to Great Britain, while Turkish-ruled Syria went to France...

"Theoretically, exercise of the mandates was supervised by the League's Permanent Mandates Commission, but the commission had no real way of enforcing its will on a mandatory power. The mandate system was replaced by the UN trusteeship in 1946." (Encyclopedia Britannica 7: 765a)

Remember that Emir Faisal had conditioned his acceptance of the return of the Jews to Palestine upon the fulfillment of British World War I promises to the Arabs, who were anticipating independence for themselves in a vast part of the Turkish Ottoman empire.

But these hopes were temporarily dashed when the French took over the mandate for Syria, ejecting Faisal, who had been proclaimed king of Syria. As a consolation, the British named Faisal king of Iraq. And, in the 1920's, to further appease the Arabs (which appeasement is still going on today), Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill cut away four-fifths of Palestine - some 35,000 square miles which the Balfour Declaration intended to give to the Jews - creating a brand new Arab entity, Transjordan, and installed Faisal's brother, Abdullah, (the recently deceased King Hussein's grandfather), as emir. Britain administered Transjordan until 1946, when independence was granted.

This apportionment of 35,000 square miles to Transjordan - the first partition of Palestine and of the promised Jewish National Home - was a blow to the Zionists, but they reluctantly accepted it.

It should be emphasized that Arab hopes for a vast empire have since been realized. Today the Arab world includes 22 separate Arab states spanning an area of more than five million square miles with a population estimated at 188 million.

Therefore, pursuant to Yasir Arafat's redoubtable rationale, Israel hereby demands the return of her 35,000 square miles of land which was cut out of the grant made to her pursuant to the Balfour Declaration and the League of Nations and given improperly by Winston Churchill to Jordan.

Furthermore, Israel demands that the entire allotment of land, including all of Jerusalem, embraced by and intended to be conveyed to her pursuant to those legal mandates of the nations, including lands presently claimed as belonging to the Palestinians, be resolved by resolution of the United Nations to belong to and be the perpetual property of the nation Israel.

April 14, 1999

A Passover Warning:
Kosovo Today, Israel Tomorrow!

While Jewish people around the world were celebrating Passover at their Seder tables, remembering how God delivered them 3,500 years ago from enslavement by a wicked Egyptian Pharaoh, God sent a warning to His people about a serious future threat to their lives and their homeland, Israel. But this threat would come not from a neighboring ruler like the Pharaoh, but from an international alliance of nations: America, the European Union, NATO, et al.

In the long tragic history of the Jewish people, they have been victimized by inquisitions, crusaders, pogroms and the Holocaust - but a worse one, if that is imaginable, is looming in the future, and Kosovo is a type and shadow of that time when all nations shall gather against Jerusalem: "The time of Jacob's trouble." The groundwork is being laid incrementally for the policies that will allow an amalgamation of nations to decide that they have the right to attack Israel in the future. And God knows it and thus sent a warning!

And so, as a sign from the Lord to the Jewish people and a warning to America, on April 14, 1999, the first night of Passover, at 8:30 PM EST, Steven Gonzalez, an American soldier from the town of Palestine, Texas, while on duty in Macedonia, was abducted, along with two other American soldiers (three - a very significant number symbolizing the trinity of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit - a Jewish concept - see Isaiah 48:16) and taken into captivity by Serbian forces. I pray for the release of these soldiers who were only following orders.

It is a well-known Scriptural principle that God holds a nation and its inhabitants responsible for the actions of its leader. And America's hegemony is obvious in the NATO attack against Serbia and Kosovo, a forerunner of what will be done in the not too distant future to Israel.

America has aligned itself with the Europeans in a joint effort to appease the Muslims. Note well that this is another example of the rapid expansion of the domain of the Islamic rider on the Gray Horse of Revelation 6:7-8. The Gray Horseman is galloping across the world with a major deception, as my book explains, and Europe and America are succumbing and surrendering. For an in-depth News Analysis from a Biblical Zionist perspective, click on the link. For a description of the book and to order online, click here for info.

Friday, January 22, 1999

The Headline of The Jerusalem Post article on January 22, 1999, said:

"Top-Secret US Plan
for Resettling Palestinian Refugees"

The plan, if implemented, would sink the Jewish State completely by drowning it in an incoming ocean wave of nondescript "Islamics" claimed by Arab and American historical-revisionists to be refugees displaced by the birth of the Jewish Nation in 1948. This demonic, anti-historical and anti-Biblical perspective knows no truth whatsoever and would bring God's wrath upon America, because of a plan invented by the Clinton administration.

Imagine that the God of Israel would ever allow this American inspired "eraser" to be applied against His tiny Jewish nation. What about those who naively ask how two more years of Clinton could possibly bring harm to America, saying that it would be more harmful to America if he were removed from office before the end of his term. I'd say that two more days would be dangerous enough, considering the speed with which he weaves his anti-Israel subterfuge and God's reactions thereto.

The top-secret US plan has been devised for permanently resettling five million Palestinian refugees in the US, Europe, Australia, and Israel, as well as in other Middle East states, according to the Saudi-owned daily Asharq al-Awsat. The US plan for resolving the refugee issue, widely expected to be among the most contentious in final-status negotiations, is said to propose that Israel absorb 75,000 refugees and that the population of the West Bank be doubled within eight years. Under the proposals, Israel will be required to absorb 75,000 Palestinian refugees who can prove their attachment to Mandatory Palestine. The US report is also said to envisage the population of the West Bank doubling in the next eight years, from the current level of 1.2 million to 2.4 million.

This top secret Clinton plan is devised in coordination with the Palestinians for the purpose of destroying the Jewish state by overwhelming it with Arabs. It will not succeed.

March 22, 1999

Last Thursday, March 19, 1999, I heard the following Word from the Lord.

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear." (Matthew 11:15)

Yasser Arafat, the covetousness one, will be holding a summit with President Clinton at the White House this Tuesday, March 23rd, at which time he reportedly plans to ask Clinton for guarantees - that if he agrees to postpone the declaration of a Palestinian state from May 4th to some future time, Clinton in return will promise official American support for Palestinian statehood.

Clinton has been edging closer and closer to openly endorsing that position for some time now and is promising "Peace, peace" to a gullible Israel. One would suspect that Arab petro-dollars are a motivation. But the bait for those dollars, land upon which this Palestinian state covets to be settled, was given by God to Israel - forever. Wouldn't you be upset, too, if it were your land?!

The "Peace, peace" that Clinton and the Palestinians are promising to Israel in return for this land giveaway is fake. Prime Minister Netanyahu already lost his government because of it - just like Prime Minister Shamir earlier lost his at the hands of President Bush. Clinton has his ax to grind just like Bush did before him. Bush lost his bid for second term in office. What will Clinton lose?

Covetousness is serious business in God's sight. It is a breach of one of His Ten Commandments, which everybody knows about but mostly disregards. It is the motivation of Arafat and his constituents - to get the promise that God has given to His chosen people, Israel.

America, the European Union, the United Nations and the Vatican, among others, exhort and support Arafat in his God-less demands. Clinton just happens to be the principal mover, shaker and motivator who is requiring Israel (at Oslo, Hebron, Wye and wherever else - along with President Bush before him) to convey this land to those who hate her in return for their useless, illusory promise of peace, which is no better than the paper it is written on.

And at this very time, Martin Indyk, Clinton's Assistant Secretary of State, is busily trying to wheedle and cajole the Lebanon-occupying Syria to make peace with Israel and steal more of her land, too - the Golan Heights, which the Bible says that God gave to Israel as an inheritance (Deut. 4:43-44).

If Clinton, et al, knew the position God takes through His Scriptures regarding the Land of Promise, you'd think they'd be worried about how He might recompense them for forcing Israel to give away her inheritance in the name of "Peace, peace."

Imagine all of these guys who are right now saying, "What! Me worry?" standing before God's great white throne judgment saying, "Who, me?" But then again, a Harlot (Revelation 17:5), by definition, doesn't worry about the consequences of his or her actions for which he or she is blatantly unashamed!

December 14, 1998

There are amazing similarities between the Assyrian King, Sennacherib, who in 710 BC was doing to God's own people, Israel, precisely what in 1998 President Clinton is doing to them.

Sennacherib brought the entire Assyrian army down to Israel to conquer her land and make slaves of the chosen people of God. Clinton went to Israel with the authority and pomp of the United States government to solidify and legitimize the Palestinian's greed to take Israel's land and form a Palestinian state.

During a speech to Arafat and the Palestine National Council, Clinton told them that as a result of their vote to nullify the clauses in the Palestinian Charter that call for Israel's destruction, "you" will now have "the opportunity to shape a Palestinian future on your own land." (Italics added.)

There is a good lesson to be learned from the downfall of Sennacherib. God drove him out of Israel and sent him back to his homeland where his rulership was abruptly ended at the hand of his own sons; Mr. Clinton likewise is being turned "back by the way which he came" to the United States of America to face the wrath of his own Congress. Indeed, he has not yet learned that the Land belongs to Israel, not the Palestinians..

December 10, 1998

On Saturday, December 15th, on the heels of the Wye River accord between the Israelis and Palestinians, President Bill Clinton, admittedly by his own invitation, is scheduled to arrive in Israel and the Palestinian-ruled areas. The day before his arrival, the Judiciary Committee is expected to vote articles of impeachment against him already drafted, the final paragraph of which reads, "Wherefore, William Jefferson Clinton, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office or honor, trust or profit under the United States." A coincidence or divine intervention?

The 12/7/98 on-line NY Times reports that, "Relations between the United States and the Palestinians have gotten better..." In fact it signals Yasser Arafat's "new alliance with a U.S. government... Clinton's trip, the first by a sitting U.S. president to the autonomous Palestinian areas, is seen by Palestinian leaders as long-sought U.S. recognition of Arafat's struggle for statehood (on Israel's God-given territory)... The highlight will be Clinton's address Monday to members of the Palestine National Council, the Palestinian's parliament-in-exile, and representatives of other Palestinian groups. Among those attending the address will be former guerillas including Mohammed Abbas, mastermind of the 1985 Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking during which American Leon Klinghoffer (a wheelchair confined Jewish invalid) was shot dead and thrown overboard. Clinton's appearance before the 1,500 delegates will serve as a final stamp of approval for one-time PLO militants who spent their lives fighting Israel and the United States... Netanyahu and (Israeli Foreign Minister Ariel) Sharon are very worried about the unusual closeness between the U.S. administration and Yasser Arafat... They view this as a very dangerous development."

The 12/7/98 on-line Israeli Arutz-7 Daily News reported "that no visit to the Knesset was scheduled during Clinton's upcoming trip... 'It is the custom of every head of state who visits Israel to address the Israeli Parliament,' said Tichon." (Speaker of the Knesset Dan Tichon)

What an undeniable insult for Clinton to speak to the Palestinians and refuse a State visit to the Israeli Knesset!

And on 12/9/98, Arutz-7 reported, "The Americans are doing all they can to help the Presidential trip take on aspects of a visit to a foreign country, according to Israeli Foreign Ministry and security officials. They cite as examples the fact that the Americans are making sure that the visit is given wide-spread coverage - they invited 1000 journalists - and that Clinton's plane will land in the Dahaniye airport and not in a lesser airport in Gaza. The landing in Dahaniye will be totally ceremonial, because from there Clinton will immediately fly by helicopter to Gaza for meetings with PA leaders. He will march down a red carpet and will review an honor guard comprised of Palestinian para-military policemen, and will hold his hand over his breast to the Palestinian National anthem of "Biladi, Biladi" [My Homeland] - exactly as is done between nations. There is great frustration at this in Israel, because it's all being arranged between the Americans and the Palestinians, and Israel doesn't have a say."

Yasser Arafat is known to be behind another "intifada" (violent rebellious uprising) which the PLO-allied Palestinians are at this very time staging against Israel to force them to free Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons who have Jewish blood on their hands which the Netanyahu Administration refuses to do.

"Sharply in disagreement with Israel, the Clinton administration today insisted a pullback on the West Bank (Biblical Judea & Samaria to which the Palestinian people have no legitimate claim, no color of right, title or authority, Biblically, historically or otherwise) must proceed on time despite Palestinian violence... 'We want to see the process moving forward,' Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, stressing the Wye accords in which Israel and the Palestinians set out a timetable for Israel's withdrawal (totally one-sided: disregarding the Palestinians treachery)... Clinton intends to go to Israel Saturday despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's lack of enthusiasm for the visit." (12/7/98 on-line New York Times)

Whose side do you think the God of Israel is on anyway? And as a result of Clinton's harsh, strong arm tactics, the Netanyahu Government was dragged kicking and screaming like a lamb being led to the slaughter by the United States bully and forced to enter into the one-sided peace deal. And as a result of this, "United Torah Judaism, a small ultra-orthodox Jewish party in Netanyahu's right-wing coalition, brought six hours of drama in the 1220-member Knesset to an anti-climactic close by submitting a no-confidence motion in the government." (12/7/98 on-line Washington Post)

Netanyahu won a 2-week adjournment to try and prevent the Clinton-generated cave-in of his government and new elections. "Netanyahu, in an interview in Jerusalem with the Associated Press, said the Palestinians were encouraged to foment street riots and threaten to declare statehood. 'The Palestinians are making a farce out of the Wye River accord. They think they have the United States in their back pocket,' he said." (12/7/98 on-line NY Times)

There is a terrible price to be paid for the abuse of power against God's people. Scripture says, "it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Hebrews 10:31)

And the principle rider on the Black Horse, the Harlot from Wall Street, the capital city of the world, the one remaining world superpower, that great Harlot in whose hand was "a pair of scales" (Rev. 6:5) - measuring the economies of all other nations against her U.S. dollar - has fallen into harlotry and refuses to repent of her sin. She will fall just as the Roman Empire fell for the same reasons - first and foremost, for victimizing Israel - then and now.

On Sunday, November 22, 1998, while ministering in Lubbock, Texas, the Lord gave me a night vision of "wine being poured out of a silver wine goblet with a gold interior," being interpreted: "the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation..." (Rev. 14:10)

Later that same night, after I had fallen asleep, the Lord woke me to show me a vision of a black horse and chariot being sent forth by Him to rapidly execute His judgment of economic destruction in America, a land that has turned against the God of Israel only to befriend His enemies who have "divided up My land (the land that God gave to Israel as an everlasting possession) among themselves."

God has shown me that a wave of poverty is about to unfold; that He has endured as long as He will; that the all-time-high stock market has been His "bait," His "carrot" "among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie." (2 Thess. 2:10-11)

November 3, 1998

"Vengeance Is Mine, and recompense;
Their foot shall slip in due time;
For the day of their calamity is at hand,
And the things to come hasten upon them."
(Deuteronomy 32:35)

On Friday, October 23rd, as I was ministering in Milwaukee, the Lord whispered in my ear, "Vengeance is mine." Immediately I was prompted to turn on the news. Indeed, the die had been cast and the "pen and ink" that the Lord had earlier warned me about had been put to paper. President Clinton squeezed Israel to the point of capitulation to the Palestinians. An agreement worked out at The Wye Plantation, under the guise of "peace," was struck, Israel agreed to hand over more land, and what is God's response? "Vengeance is mine." In fact, "horrific" will be the judgments that will soon befall America and the President who personally twisted the screw.

The "peace talks" as foretold by Daniel (Dan. 9:27) must proceed to a final "covenant." It is written. These current peace negotiations, difficult as they may be, represent the outworking of God's eternal plan for worldwide salvation. And just as Jesus' betrayal by Judas was essential to the implementation of God's plan, so was Israel's betrayal by Clinton. Judas' punishment is well known because the Scripture says, "Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes." (Matt. 18:7)

Finally, hear the Word of the Lord about the 'covetousness' (greed) concerning the land which He gave to Israel and which has been deceitfully taken from them:

One of the grievous judgments facing America will be the "black horse" of poverty (Rev. 6:5-6) - perhaps even as soon as January 1999.

October 27, 1998

"For behold, in those days and in that time
When I shall bring again the captivity
of Judah and Jerusalem,
I will also gather all nations,
And will bring them down
Into the valley of Jehoshaphat,
And will plead with them there
For My people and for My heritage, Israel,
Whom they have scattered among the nations,
And parted My land!"
(Joel 3:1-2)

September 28, 1998

On Monday, September 28, 1998, the very day that President Clinton convened a meeting between himself, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and Yasser Arafat, in Washington, DC, Hurricane Georges slammed into the Gulf Coast, causing significant damage. The same thing happened in 1993: Hurricane Andrew pummeled South Florida on the very day that the peace talks were reconvened in Washington, DC by the Bush Administration.

While no peace accord was presently reached in Washington, the American-inspired peace process continues unabated with both Messrs. Netanyahu and Arafat scheduled to return to Washington in October to meet again with the President. And the God of Israel is warning America today as He did the Egyptian Pharaoh 3,500 years ago.

And then came the next plague: Whitewater? Filegate? Travelgate?



"A Biblical Response To The Presidential Scandal"

A prophetic reason for God's judgment
against the President of the United States of America:

"The Apple Of His Eye"

The independent counsel, Kenneth Starr, submitted his report to the House of Representatives concerning his findings derived from a grand jury investigation into the scandal surrounding President Clinton. This nation has been captivated by his findings and with the question as to whether Congress will institute impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States. It is about this matter and God's perspective thereto that I write this message.

Many years ago, God gave me a prophetic dream in which I saw former President Carter and his whole cabinet at his side standing at attention. I heard the voice of God say, "But have you loved the Jews?" Carter did not answer, but stood silently. And God said, "Then you shall lose your blessing." And Carter lost his bid for re-election by a landslide vote and he and his cabinet were swept by the hand of God right out of office. Carter arranged the "peace" between Israel and Egypt in which Israel gave up the Sinai.

On January 25, 1998, the Lord spoke and said to me that President Clinton would lose his blessing just as Jimmy Carter had years before.

On January 19th, a few days after President Clinton testified about sexual harassment allegations in the Paula Jones sex case, Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in the United States where he received accolades from Voices United for Israel, a coalition of conservative Jewish and Christian organizations. Their support no doubt encouraged him to withstand the pressure that he was about to face from President Clinton and Secretary of State Albright. The New York Times reported that the Clinton Administration was furious that Netanyahu had courted anti-Clinton conservatives.

The President nevertheless presented the Israeli Prime Minister with a detailed plan for the phased withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank (Biblical Samaria and Judea). For years, the Clinton Administration has been pressuring Israel to hand over their God-given land to those who hate them and whose ultimate purpose is not "peace," but to "drive Israel into the sea."

The day after Clinton's coercive meeting with Netanyahu and the day before his meeting with Yasser Arafat, God began the divine intervention process - the Monica Lewinsky story exploded across the headlines and television screens - talk of handing over land to the Palestinians ceased for a while - and the scandal ensued, which I believe will result in the removal of President Clinton from office. This is the Lord's doing - because he who touches Israel touches the apple of God's eye.

As of this very date, September 11, 1998, while the President is under intense scrutiny and pressure, Middle East peace envoy, Dennis Ross, is in Israel with a State Department legal advisor, Jonathan Schwartz, who came to the region with Ross in 1996 and 1997 to draft the Hebron accord. They are drafting a new accord which will give to the Palestinians an additional 13% of the land (totaling 40% in all) given by God to Israel as an everlasting possession. This is an abomination to God (see Ezekiel 36:5), and He is therefore doing now what he said he would do - because Israel is being plundered by the Palestinians at the insistence of President Clinton: "For surely I will shake My hand against them, and they shall become spoil for their servants. Then you will know that the Lord of Hosts has sent Me." (Zechariah 1:9)

Long ago, in the above-referenced Psalm, King David prayed for relief from his enemies. Today, it is a prayer against the ignoble leadership of President Clinton who has become Israel's discreetly opaque but nevertheless threatening enemy. Consequently, God has created a riptide against him, tugging him down and out.

Clinton's secret sins have been "shouted from the housetops," but the sin against Israel (the constant pressure to give up land and freeze settlements in direct opposition to God's stated will) has been the unseen cause of the onslaught of judgment against this President.

September 13, 1998 marks the five-year anniversary of the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement brokered by the U.S. under the auspices of President Clinton. In the last five years, more Israelis have been killed by Palestinian terrorists (279 to date) than in the previous 15 years when there was no "peace" agreement. What the world calls the Middle East Peace Accords, God calls "a covenant with Death," which He will annul when Yeshua the Jewish Messiah returns to rescue His people, Israel, and restore the throne of David in Jerusalem, and establish the Kingdom of God on this earth.

And, finally, a warning to those defenders of the President, who say, "Leave him alone, it's a private matter; he's doing a good job for the country; let him get on with the business of being president, with the important affairs of state,"

And remember that although King David, a man after God's own heart, repented of his sin of adultery with Bathsheba, he still had to pay the price because repentance does not obviate the penalty.

(Portions derived from Jeremiah Ginsberg's new book.)

For an in-depth analysis of current events
leading up to the time of the Tribulation Period,
order your copy of Jeremiah's book on End-Time Prophecy,
"While The Fiddler Played, The World Came To An End,"
listed elsewhere in this web site. For a description of the book,
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"And you, son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel (the Israeli land Biblically known as Judea and Samaria that America, the European Union, the United Nations, the Palestinians and all of the Arabs and the news media identify as "Israeli-occupied" West Bank) and say, O, mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord!

"Thus says the Lord God: Because the enemy has said of you, Aha! The ancient heights (Judea and Samaria) have become our possession,

"Therefore prophesy, and say, Thus says the Lord God: Because they made you desolate and swallowed you up on every side, so that you became the possession of the rest of the nations, and you are taken up by the lips of the talkers and slandered by the people (America, the European Union, the United Nations, the Palestinians, the Arabs and all of the news media)-

"Therefore, O mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord God! Thus says the Lord God to the mountains, the hills, the rivers, the valleys, the desolate wastes, and the cities that have been forsaken, which became plunder and mockery to the rest of the nations all around -

"Therefore, thus says the Lord God: Surely I have spoken in My burning jealousy against the rest of the nations (America et al.) and against all Edom (the Palestinians), who gave My land to themselves as a possession, with whole-hearted joy and spiteful minds, in order to plunder its open country.

"...Behold, I have spoken in My jealousy and My fury, because you have borne the shame of the nations.

"Therefore, thus says the Lord God: I have lifted My hand in an oath that surely the nations that are around you shall bear their own shame (judgments and wrath of an angry God)." (Ezekiel 36:1-7)

And, Regarding the Temple Mount...

"Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom (the Palestinians)...

"For your violence against your brother Jacob (present day Israelis and all Jews), shame shall cover you, and you shall be cut off forever...

"When foreigners entered his gates and cast lots for Jerusalem - even you (Palestinians) were as one of them...

"For the day of the Lord upon all the nations is near; as you have done, it shall be done to you;

"Your reprisal shall return upon your own head. For as you drank on my holy mountain (the Dome of the Rock and Al Aksa Mosques usurping the place of God's Temple on Mount Zion, the Temple Mount, where the Lord's Temple must be restored it to its rightful place - Malachi 3:1) ), so shall all the nations drink continally; Yes, they shall drink and swallow, and they shall be as though they had never been.

"But on Mount Zion (the Temple Mount) there shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; the house of Jacob shall possess their (what rightfully belongs to them) possessions. The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame; but the house of Esau (Palestinians) shall be stubble. They shall kindle them and devour them, and no survivor shall remain of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken." (Obadiah 1, 10-11, 16-18)

Previous Word in the Gates of Jerusalem

May 14, 1998:

"Everyone is given to covetousness (the Arabs hungering for Israel's God-given land); from the prophet even to the priest, everyone deals falsely. For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of My people slightly, saying, 'Peace, peace!' when there is no peace." (Jeremiah 8: 10-11)

"Your covenant with death (Middle East Peace Agreement) will be annulled, and your agreement with Sheol will not stand." (Isaiah 28:18)

The peace accords will result in the covenant which the Prophet Daniel spoke of:

"Then he (the man from Rome) shall confirm a covenant (Middle East Peace Agreement which began in 1978) with many (Egypt, PLO, Jordan - moderate Arab nations) for one week (7 years); but in the middle of the week (3 ½ years after the confirmation) he (the man from Rome) shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering (which will be taking place in the soon-to-be-built Temple). And on the wing of abominations shall be (another) one (the Russian leader, Gog of Ezekiel 38 & 39) who makes desolate." (Daniel 9:27)

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