Israel, Land of Sweet Sunshine

A Musical Video History of The Birth of Israel
A Historical Collector's Item
by Jeremiah Ginsberg

Israel, Land of Sweet Sunshine

By weaving together music with actual recordings of historic speeches, Mr. Ginsberg stunningly captures the birth of the Jewish nation. Great speeches by the following distinguished leaders were edited for dramatic effect and incorporated into "Israel, Land of Sweet Sunshine:"

The Speakers

MR. ABBA HILLEL SILVER, representative of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, proclaims the establishment of the State of Israel at the United Nations General Assembly session on May 14, 1948.

MR. DAVID BEN-GURION, Prime Minister of Israel, interviewed by Edward Murrow on February 3, 1956 at the kibbutz where he lived.

MR. H.V. EVATT, presiding Chairman of the General Assembly of the United Nations (from Australia), announcing on May 11, 1949 Israel's admission to the United Nations.

MR. MOSHE SHARETT, Foreign Minister of Israel, speaking in behalf of Israel on May 11, 1949 at the same General Assembly session after Israel was admitted to membership.

GOLDA MEIR, Prime Minister of Israel, addressing Jewish youth at the Felt Forum in New York on September 30, 1969.

GENERAL MOSHE DAYAN, Defense Minister, addressing the United Jewish Appeal Study Mission at the Tel Aviv Hilton on October 10, 1969.

ABBA EBAN, Israel's Foreign Minister, speaking at a UN Security Council meeting on June 6, 1967, the second day of The Six Day War.

JEREMIAH GINSBERG: Composer/Producer; Scripture reading.

Credits: Audio

Music & Lyrics and Produced by: Jeremiah Ginsberg
Arranger/Keyboards: Meco Menardo
Song Performed by: "Benjamin" (the name ascribed to studio singers in honor of Jeremiah's Father, Benjamin Ginsberg)
Speech Editing Engineer: Jay Tropp
Recording Engineer: Rob McBrien

Credits: Video Compilation
George Monteiro, Media Solutions
Ft. Lauderdale, FL (954) 735-7553

Thanks To: Mimi Leitner of the United Jewish Appeal, the Estate of Edward R. Murrow, and the United Nations for providing the spoken material.

Producer's Comments: God's promise of a homeland for the Jewish people, His everlasting covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, cannot be broken. Even if all the nations of the world oppose the existence of the State of Israel, God will preserve the beloved "Apple of His Eye." May Messiah come soon to establish righteousness, and rule a peaceful world from Jerusalem, the City of the Great King, someday to be a praise in all the earth.

© 1970-2012 Jeremiah Ginsberg

"Israel, Land of Sweet Sunshine" is an incredibly inspiring DVD because it reminds us of the remarkable victories over enemy hordes that God gave to His people, Israel. Not only was the birth of the nation a miracle, but the miracle-working hand of God has continued to sustain the existence of the tiny country. We are also reminded of the terrible price the Jewish people paid to have their own Land, and that it should not be given up so lightly. Ultimately, there is hope for the Jewish nation, for the promised Messiah, the King of Israel, will return to establish justice and peace throughout the earth.

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