News Analysis
from a Biblical Zionist Perspective

April 14, 1999

The Kosovo Conflict

by Jeremiah Ginsberg

An article on March 28, 1999 in The Arutz-7 Daily News from Israel stated, "It has now been learned that the European Union's stance in support of a Palestinian state was coordinated with the US after secret negotiations between the two. The Europeans asserted last week that the Palestinians continue to merit 'the undeniable right of self-determination,' including the right to a state," (with Jerusalem as its capitol - italics added).

The words, "undeniable right of self-determination," sound strikingly similar to those being used to justify the attacks against the Serbs in Yugoslavia and throughout the Balkans. And didn't President Clinton, the first American president to step foot on Palestinian-ruled soil, encourage Palestinian hopes for statehood when on December 14, 1998, while at a luncheon in Gaza, he said that Palestinians "now have a chance to determine their own destiny on their own land!"

While speaking to the Palestinian National Council, Clinton said, "I know that in my own country, where Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions, we share the same devotion to family and hard work and community. When it comes to relations between the United States and Palestinians, we have come far to overcome our misperceptions of each other. Americans have come to appreciate the strength of your identity and the depth of your aspirations. And we have learned to listen to your grievances as well. I hope you have begun to see America as your friend."

Thus we see how Clinton's words are calculated to curry favor with the Muslims and Palestinians.

Another example of America's stated preference for the Palestinians (sons of Esau) over the sons of Jacob, God's chosen line, is found in an article in the April 9, 1999 New York Times, entitled "U.S. Criticizes Israeli Expansion."

"The Clinton administration accused Israel on Friday of making it difficult to achieve peace in the Middle East by expanding Jewish housing on the West Bank." (America has never rebuked or even mentioned anywhere the well-orchestrated, slick and rapid fire, illegal Palestinian settlement activities throughout the West Bank and in Jerusalem.)

"Secretary of State Madeleine Albright delivered the lecture to Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon in a one-hour meeting in her office... Albright again assured Sharon the administration was working hard to keep Arafat from declaring that he intends to establish a Palestinian state next month. But that pledge was more than balanced by continuing U.S. determination to see Israel relinquish more territory and Albright's denunciation of Israeli settlement activity."

America's Islamic alliance goes almost completely unnoticed in today's political environment and is not even troubling to the new American psyche.

Meanwhile, the stage is set for an untouchable president to do anything he wants with impunity. He has managed to institute a national transformation: I call it insensitivity to sin. Yes, indeed, America's love of righteousness has grown cold.

And now Clinton's American-led hegemony in NATO is forcing this country to go to war over the Kosovo conflict. Let's examine the underlying story to find a Biblical Zionist perspective on the Kosovo conflict.

Muslims historically have tended to invade and take over other people's land in order to extend and concentrate their control over the nations and to spread the anti-God, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel rhetoric of Satan (under the guise of Allah), who is in rebellion against God as much today as he was in the Garden of Eden. Islam is expanding throughout the world from Sudan (where horrible atrocities are daily committed against Christians in the name of Allah) and all of the African continent to Europe to America. This is the phenomenon of the Rider on the Pale Horse (Rev. 6:7-8).

The Arutz-7 article and all of the evidence which we have cited makes a case for Clinton's "Islam-supportive" intentions which fly in the face of the recent congressional resolutions that stated emphatically the US opposition to the declaration of a Palestinian state. And the events in Kosovo are in reality a precursor of that event.

That is why Israel's Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon is opposed to NATO's intervention in the internal affairs of Serbia. A part of the story that you rarely hear was reported in the Monday, April 13, 1999, Arutz 7. Because of the importance of the article, I quote it in its entirety here.

"Israeli officials, including Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon, do not rule out the possibility that the West would intervene against Israel as it is now doing in Yugoslavia. Middle East correspondent Steve Rodan reports that it was Italy's ambassador to Israel, Gian Paolo Cavarai, who first raised such a possibility during a meeting of diplomats last month with Mr. Sharon.

"Sharon was at first stunned that a NATO ambassador would raise such a prospect just days after the beginning of the NATO campaign against Yugoslavia. Later, however, Sharon admitted Israel's Arab minority might (Might???!!! You can take it to the bank!) call for autonomy in the future, and as a senior government source put it, 'the West would consider Yugoslavia a precedent to intervene in our part of the region.'

"Rodan reports that Sharon's warnings could serve as a basis for a Jewish lobby against the NATO campaign. In his meeting with U.S. Jewish leaders on Monday in New York, Sharon said that the Kosovo Liberation Army is strongly supported by Iranian-backed terrorist organizations, and that an independent Kosovo would enable Islamic terrorism to spread throughout Europe. He appealed to U.S. Jewish leaders to call for an end to the fighting in Kosovo.

"The PA has not taken a stand on the Kosovo issue, but PA Cabinet Secretary Ahmed Abdul Rahman appears to feel that the Palestinians can only benefit from the NATO strike. 'We must make it clear that what is happening in Yugoslavia must serve as a lesson to Israel to withdraw from its current policies before something similar happens to it as what is now taking place in Yugoslavia,' said Abdul Rahman.

"Prince Khaled Bin Sultan, commander of the Saudi Arabian army during the Gulf War, has called upon Washington to take the same tough stance against Israel that it is now taking against Serbia. Writing in the London-based Saudi paper al-Hayat last week, Khaled expressed his hope that the American people would soon realize that 'it is in their interest to achieve justice and lift repression and not to abide by whatever is said by Israel... We ask the U.S., when you are the only superpower, to get rid of [sic] being a follower of Israel, and her supporter, when she is oppressive or very oppressive, since Israel has never been oppressed (What? How could that be true with the endless wars the Arabs have brought against Israel starting in 1948?) [so that ] we can praise you, as we praise you now [for your action in Yugoslavia].'"

What General Sharon is not aware of is this unseen spiritual battle which will soon focus on Jerusalem. He is entirely correct, however, in his fear for the future of his people. Secretary of State Albright is mad at Sharon and so is Clinton for opposing them. But he is speaking the truth.

And although Clinton's mind is clearly made up on America's recognizing a Palestinian state, never before an American position (both houses of Congress have by resolution warned Clinton against such a move), Clinton has opted to play it safe and remain silent for the moment to side-step the issue until after the Israeli elections. This is his strategy so as not to forewarn the Israeli public (or Congress for that matter) that he intends to take Israel apart piece by piece and donate her land to the Palestinians to establish their Islamic state under the euphemism, "peace and shalom." This is the same, in principal, as a liberated, independent Islamic Kosovo.

Netanyahu, if elected, would present a strong obstacle to this intended land rape as he has in the past. The Israelis would vote for Netanyahu if they knew of Clinton's true intentions. Clinton does not want Netanyahu in office to oppose his hidden agenda and is thus playing possum for the time being. But if Clinton gets his way and Netanyahu loses, hold onto your hats because a land giveaway will surely follow. And what is happening now in Kosovo will happen next in Israel when they get to the issue of Jerusalem; which will ultimately, at the end of the age, result in the war of Armageddon.

So, lets see what happens in Israel on May 17th. If Clinton's boy (either Mordecai or the Peres-backed Barak) is elected, then we'll see Mr. Clinton's true motivations promptly emerge in favor of a Palestinian state (of course fully rationalized and justified by him and the media - just like his actions in Kosovo are).

The evidence clearly shows that Clinton wants to appease the Muslims; and so does Hillary. Her recent 12-day tour of Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, all Muslim nations, snubbing Israel, in order to strengthen Arab-U.S. friendship, is also intended to further diminish Netanyahu's chance for re-election and underlines her recent controversial statement that, "It will be in the long-term interests of the Middle East for Palestine to be a state."

What is the need for a Palestinian state? The Arabs already have 22 nations and Israel only has one, and that the size of a postage stamp - which the Clintons, Arafat, the Arabs, the UN and Europe are now struggling to make even tinier so that there can be 23 Arab nations! And eventually, no Israel at all, the ever present Islamic objective - to drive the Jews into the sea!

It is Israel's land eternally! God says it in the Bible, which Arafat and his thugs call a Jewish lie. Is God angry? Wasn't it enough to sacrifice the Jews in the gas chambers of the Holocaust, which Arafat and his thugs also call a Jewish lie? Shouldn't the world have learned by this time not to hate the Jews and appease her enemies?

But even so, this is the fulfillment of the extraordinary and rapid expansion of the domain of the Islamic rider on the Pale (Gray) Horse of Revelation 6:7-8. He is galloping across the world with a major end-time deception, as my book explains, and Europe and America are succumbing and surrendering.

Pity the poor innocent refugees who have fallen victim to the devil's game plan. They are but pawns on his worldwide chess board. But remember that their leaders FORMED A MUSLIM LIBERATION ARMY - the KLA - just like the Palestinians formed the PLO - to terrorize the Serbs who were already there and whose land it was until the late 1300's when the Ottoman Turks invaded and occupied. The Turks did the same thing to Israel. They invaded and built the Dome of the Rock on Mt. Zion where the Temple belongs and will one day be re-built to the glory of God.

The Serbs fought against this occupation ever since then up until the present - to get their land back. It's not talked about much, but they were aggressive defenders of the Jews and fought bitterly against Adolph Hitler as he systematically exterminated the Jews.

And how dare the media (and Hillary Clinton) compare what is happening in Kosovo to the Holocaust? Two thousand Albanian Kosovars killed is sad, but does not nearly reach the level of a Holocaust where six million Jews were massacred. Relativistic linguistics tend to obscure the truth; a devilish tactic. And now the truth is totally obscured and we have a propaganda blitz to create support for a corrupt war of appeasement. A Biblical principle, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) Who started it? Whose land is it? Who is the occupier? Who is the rightful heir and who the interloper? Just like in Israel.

The Devil, in whose army the rider on the Pale Horse is a field commander, is pitting the Muslim Albanians against the Christian Serbs one against another to accomplish his purposes. He's painting the Christians as inherent enemies of the world. Their story is not being heard. But his ultimate plan through all of this is to destroy Israel and the Jews, his intended FINAL VICTIMS; enemies just because they are God's chosen people and the Devil (and his "tares") hates God.

So first, Kosovo, and last, Israel! I call it THE TARE INVASION! And now NATO is moving the Albanian Muslim population into other countries of the world. And the winds of darkness are blowing the weeds into the domain of the good seed; creating a dark cloud over areas where there is now light: God's commandments and His Word soon to be obscured by the Islamic veil which is so rapidly being spread. Jacob's valuable contribution to the world is being brought into captivity to Esau's pitiful counterfeit and the world is the loser. Darkness is replacing light.

That's what Clinton's hegemony is accomplishing. Darkness. The tail is wagging the dog and the cart pulling the horse backwards over a cliff!

That is how the "pale (or gray) horse" is relevant to what is happening in Kosovo. The conflict in Kosovo is the work of Lucifer, the devil. The ultimate objective: galloping the world over and conquering with the sword, hunger and death and by the beasts of the earth (terrorists and "liberation" armies) - to try to prevent the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom and the throne of David in Israel.

If he can accomplish this, he can thereby hinder the return of the soon-coming King of Israel, Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), and gain worldwide domination. He hungers to reign in place of God on God's holy hill of Zion, in Jerusalem (Psalm 2:6).

Sympathy, without knowledge of God and His Word is dangerous. It will cause the last world war and the near-destruction of mankind. Y2K is child's play in comparison. The devil has the world focused on minutia while he is gaining vast victories for his kingdom. Jesus called those who practice this phenomenon "blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel." (Matt. 23:24)

But, good news for the enlightened weary. The Lord has already gained the victory at Calvary and those who follow Him have already won the battle. Anyone can make the choice to follow Him and enter into His millennial Kingdom; even those of the tares. They can enter into His fold by choosing to accept Him before the final eternal end-time tally.

The prophet Isaiah, whose famous words appear on "The Isaiah Wall" at the United Nations, "They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore," (Isaiah 2:4) says in the words that just precede these, "For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the law from Jerusalem. He shall judge between the nations, and shall rebuke many people." (Isaiah 2:3)

These words of judgment and rebuke, however, are not inscribed on the United Nations wall. They would not be acceptable to the forum of nations that are almost uniformly 100% against Israel, Isaiah's people, and are for his enemies. Isaiah is referring in this Scripture to the 1,000 year Millennial period when the Son of God, Israel's Messiah, will reign from His Throne in the Jewish Temple soon to be built on the Temple Mount (not from the Dome of the Rock on whose facade is written in Arabic, "God has no Son").

The children of Esau, Islam, the rider on the "pale horse" of the above referenced scripture, will have no part in the Millennium. The exception will be for those who become sons of God through the acceptance of Messiah Jesus' blood sacrifice for forgiveness of their sins. But, they must realize that He who is the greatest Jew that ever lived, the King of the Jews, will not extend eternal life to those who hate His Jewish brothers. And without this forgiveness, they will ride the galloping "pale horse" to the beat of another drummer than God; to wit, the devil's "Death and Hades" bolero, onward to destruction, issuing their daily threats of death and annihilation against the Jewish people, their intifadahs of stone throwings, bus bombings and stabbings and their intense anti-Israel rhetoric and threats of taking Jerusalem, the Jewish capitol, and making it the capitol of a Palestinian state.

And this is their behavior when Isaiah, a true prophet of God, is saying, "Comfort, yes, comfort My people! Says your God. Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry out to her that her warfare is ended..." (Isaiah 40:1-2) and "He who touches you touches the apple of His eye." (Zechariah 2:8)

Why do the Muslims do this to the Jews and also to the Christians, massacring, pillaging and raping in the North African nations and elsewhere? Let me direct your attention to the heart of the matter which can be seen in another of Isaiah's prophecies.

This is what Lucifer, the Devil, said. But what did God say? "Yet I have set My King (Yeshua) on my holy hill of Zion." (Psalm 2:6) God chose a place from which His own Messiah would reign, and Lucifer, the great counterfeiter, chose the same place to sit and reign. You can see that Lucifer is full of deception, covetousness and confusion.

Thus, his rebellion against God and his desire to sit on God's throne is playing out on the stage of world history in one way or another in every nation on earth. He's won his battle to deceive humanity if he can be successful in hiding God's words which are inerrantly spoken by all of the Hebrew prophets like Isaiah and Moses. If he can bury the Bible by integrating his weeds into every nation of the world, he can upset the prevailing truth embraced by and maintained through the Judeo-Christian balance of power; and then the laws of Moses and all Biblical truths are thrown out. He has thereby replaced the truth with his lies, God's light with his darkness and the Messiah with himself. Clear? Isaiah said it. And if he can keep his Islamic Dome of the Rock where God's Temple belongs - on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem - then this will be the final outworking of his plan, his rebellion which began in the Garden of Eden.

And so, this is why he drove President Clinton, America and NATO to bomb the Serbs and move the Albanian Muslims out of Kosovo into every Bible-believing country of the free world; to obliterate the truth; to undermine the Judeo-Christian ethic; to gain a majority in the formerly Judeo-Christian world for his kingdom of darkness.

And America and Europe have fallen for this deception - so has the Vatican. Note well that there are consequences for joining this rebellion against God. There is one Bible; one truth. There is but one God and one Son of God. The Judeo-Christian Bible declares it so. The Koran denies it. So does every "holy book" of every other religion - the devil's inventions. And though Esau (and Ishmael) are the seed of Abraham, they are not of the chosen line through which the Messiah was born. This is the truth that God warned Moses about. But the descendants of Esau and Ishmael can, through the blood of Messiah, become followers of Israel's God; but not inheritors of Israel's land.

I wonder how many Jews and Christians actually see what's going on here with that strange god of Islam whom the prophet Daniel calls "a god of fortresses." (Dan. 11:38) There is but one God, the only omnipotent God, the God of Israel. True Christians believe in this God. There are many heathen counterfeits. Without His Bible there can be no truth; just a charade. That's why it's being driven out of the schools and buried under the lies of the myriad Devil-inspired false religions. He doesn't care what you believe in as long as you don't believe in the God of the Hebrews, his enemy.

This is not a new thing. Moses and Elijah fought against it. But we are approaching the end of the age and the darkness is spreading like wildfire. We are coming to the conclusion of this world as we know it and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on this earth. Many will not make it. The Devil is fighting for his life. He is using the most winsome but hidden motivations, playing on human sympathy toward unbelievers and their rights, and causing hatred against believers and God's truth; calling all of us who love Moses and Messiah Yeshua fanatics, and those who rebel against that truth as the heroes of our world.

Without accepting the blood sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the Messiah, there can be no forgiveness of sin and no attaining of eternal life in His Millennial kingdom - but only "Death" and eternity in "Hades." It's that simple. Eternity in Hell or in God's kingdom in Jerusalem by faith in the blood of Messiah Yeshua.

Thus, he who is riding on the "pale horse" of Islam is fanatical, sword in hand, intent upon conquering the earth. He brings only "Death" to the bodies of those who follow after him and "Hades" to their eternal souls. The pale or gray Arabian stallion has been given power by God to deceive and to kill "one fourth of the earth" as part of God's end-time plan preceding the establishment of the Messiah's reign.

The spirit prince, "the prince of the kingdom of Persia" still operates today for the Luciferian kingdom of darkness which is rapidly overtaking the world. His techniques for conquering territory for Lucifer in his rebellion against God and His people is not always so obvious; even to God's own people; sometimes by war, sometimes by infiltration, but always insidious and Machiavellian. God warns his people but mostly they do not see it for what it is.

The whole earth is his objective, but a fourth of the earth, his divine allotment; Kosovo now, Jerusalem later. The nations have fallen for his spirit tricks, his galloping Gray Horse: the spread of Islam which stands vehemently opposed to Yeshua's Messianic reign from His throne on the Temple Mount in Zion, Jerusalem.

The nations have been tricked into thinking that they are fighting for humanitarian interests in Kosovo while this evil prince has fomented the plot to spread his bitter Antichrist roots