Investment Opportunities

Our Biblical musicals are unique and equal to the best that Broadway has to offer, full of Jewish humor, comedy, thrilling music and high drama!

For Profit Investment

Jeremiah and Wendy Ginsberg (Producers) plan to form a Limited Liability Company to receive investments to produce "Mendel & Moses" on Broadway. The budget is estimated to be $10 million. Aggregate Limited Liability Company interests are not actually divided into a specific number of units and monetary amounts. For the sake of convenience, they may be considered to consist of 50 “Units” of $200,000 per Unit, with a capitalization of $10,000,000. An investor may purchase fractional Units of not less than one-quarter of a unit or $50,000. For those who can afford a minimum investment of $50,000, they can become Investor Members in the LLC that will produce "Mendel & Moses." Investor Members generally receive 100% of net profits from the Box Office until recoupment, and then receive 50% of net profits; the other 50% is shared with the Managing Members of the LLC.

Weekly Box Office receipts can be estimated by multiplying the number of seats in the theater (approximately 1,200) times the average ticket price (about $75) times 8 performances a week. That would be, for example, 1,200 x $75 = $90,000 per show x 8 shows a week = $720,000 gross box office receipts per week at capacity.

From the gross box office receipts, the weekly operating expenses have to be paid. Weekly operating expenses are generally about 65% (sometimes more) of gross box office receipts and include salaries for actors, musicians and crew, union payments, advertising, royalties, fund payments, theatre rental, legal, accounting, etc. The remaining net profits at capacity (for example, $720,000 less weekly operating expenses of $470,000 = net profits of approximately $250,000 per week) are disbursed to the Investor Members until they recoup their investment, which could be in as little as 40 weeks at capacity. After recoupment, the net profits are shared 50-50 between the Investor Members and the Managing Members.

All monies raised will be held by the Managing Members (Producers) in a special account at a New York bank until the total capital contributions are raised. The monies held in the special account will not be released until the Offering is closed, unless an investor gives permission to the earlier use of his or her investment. If the Offering is not completed, or if the musical is abandoned or not produced, all capital contributions theretofore received will be returned with accrued interest, if any, except capital contributions which have been expended by consent of individual subscribers who have waived their right of refund.

Investment is by Front Money Agreement or Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement only.

For information about investing by Front Money Agreement, which gives the investor a double return for the investment, view our Sample Front Money Agreement.

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For more information, please call Jeremiah Ginsberg at (954) 722-1719, or send us an email.

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