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Dear Friends:

If we were Muslims... (Keep reading!)

When God commanded King Cyrus to build Him a house, Cyrus said, "Who is among you of all His people? May his God be with him, and let him go up to Jerusalem and build the house of the Lord God of Israel (He is God), which is in Jerusalem." (Ezra 1:3)

In 1972, when I was lifted into heaven in the Spirit, the Father said to me, "You will build for Me a new house of worship." So in a manner of speaking, Cyrus and I were directed to do a similar thing, to build the house of the Lord. The only thing is that now it is some 2,500 years later, and I'm not rich like King Cyrus was.

And when Zerubbabel rose up to build that house of the Lord, what happened to him? Scripture reports that "Bishlam, Mithredath, Tabel, and the rest of their companions wrote to Artaxerxes King of Persia" and told the lie that the builders were "inciting sedition" against the Persian Kingdom. They succeeded in stopping the work.

And just as Zerubbabel's work was stopped, so was our work, the award-winning Jewish Gospel musical, "Rabboni," stopped while in rehearsal for Broadway in 1985, and "Mendel & Moses" was stopped in 1997. But now the Lord is saying it's time to finish what we started way back then. 

When it was time to build the Tabernacle in the wilderness, Moses told the children of Israel,

I remember how a fine Jewish man who loved "Rabboni," who wasn't even a Believer at the time, bravely defended our musical to the Directors of the Anti-Defamation League and told them they needed to see the musical and support us. He himself was a Director of the ADL.

And I remember when that dear Jewish man, while yet an unbeliever, became an investor in "Rabboni." What a miracle! His wife told me that this was not something he would typically do. But he did it because he had what Moses called a "willing heart." Furthermore, "Rabboni" was instrumental in his decision to accept Yeshua as his Messiah before his life's end.

I could go on and on but I won't except to tell you in closing that there is an important position that you could fill now if, like Moses said, your heart is "stirred." I pray that it is, because if it isn't, there is nothing I can say or do that will change that. So God must stir up His people to help us resurrect our two Biblical musicals, "Mendel & Moses" and "Rabboni" from death onto the New York City stage.

We are trusting the Lord to raise up investors and sponsors who will provide seed-faith front money of approximately $150,000 right away to hire an Attorney, Accountant, General Manager, Orchestrator, and pay the salaries of the Musicians, Actors, etc. For you, it may be "Let someone else do it." For us, "Without you it cannot happen." Jewish people are out there just waiting for musicals like these to sweep them into the Kingdom. Will you help us do it?

If we were Muslims, extolling the virtues of Allah, and spewing out anti-Christ, anti-Semitic propaganda, millions of dollars would pour in overnight from the heads of governments to the lowest terrorist to make our productions possible.

Believers have an opportunity to impact the culture of our nation for good with the Light of God's Word by partnering with us.

Become an Official Sponsor. Or donate any amount to help us bring the Light to Broadway.  

Knowing your love for God, and for the Jewish people, I am confident that you will pray to see what God wants of you and will do whatever He tells you to do.

With all our love and thankfulness,
Jeremiah & Wendy Ginsberg

December 3, 2004

Dear Friends of Jeremiah Ministries:

The Lord is calling us to produce our three extraordinary Biblical musicals. The musicals are our "Bimah" (the pulpit in a synagogue) where we will dramatize the Messianic Gospel of the Lord Yeshua "to the Jew first" as we have since 1981 in theaters off-Broadway, in L.A. and Miami Beach.

We must go on, and we will, if you will help us to not be dispossessed of our work which will serve as an end-time light to this country, to Israel, and to the dying world at the closing of the Age.

Satan is doing his best to stop the Lord's blessing. But we are trusting in His goodness so that our Messianic outreaches will continue full force.

Are you tithing? I have tithed my life and just about everything I own. Learn about Paul's sufferings and not about pastors who ride around in Rolls Royces and private planes and enjoy horse ranches, but about us small ministries who gladly carry the torch for God in spite of the persecution and without the rewards.

Perhaps our cries have fallen on deaf ears while many American pastors are using your tithes and offerings as a cloak for their greed and their $1,000 suits and multi-million dollar homes. What do you think the Lord would say to this shallow American church that has girded itself with "replacement theology" and "mammon worship?"

We have been pioneers in so many areas that it would seem unhumble of us to talk about them. And I thank all of you who by your many kind comments and your financial support have encouraged us to continue on this pioneering path that has brought great award-winning musicals to the off-Broadway and L.A. stage, which led so many Jewish people into the kingdom that we could hardly count them; where we have stood boldly (and been persecuted) for the Lord.

Many newspaper articles reaching millions of people bear witness to the brave stands that we have taken over the years, even to contend with the Rabbis who tried to block Jewish people from coming into our theaters. We have even been persecuted and slandered by many in the Messianic movement.

There is no wrath like that of Satan scorned by obedient soldiers of the Lord who would dare to defy him by caring for the Jewish people and nation, and who would embark upon the mission of their salvation by introducing them to their Messiah and to the truth of His word.

I always warn the professionals in my theatrical companies that they are about to enter a danger zone like they have never seen before, even though most of them are Christians, because this is a Jewish work. They nod their heads knowingly but when the attacks come, many wilt and fall away. There is no way to describe to those who have not faced these vicious attacks what they are like. And yet, because we have been trained by the Lord over many years, somehow we find the strength, the will and the way to go on. He is so faithful to somehow pull us through, tears and all.

Some of you may have read about us in Cindy Adam's column in The New York Post or saw us on The 700 Club as we were preparing to open "Rabboni" at The Minskoff Theater on Broadway in 1985.

We certainly have been around for a long time; often not supported by the Christians who were hearing then that it wasn't appropriate to go to the theater or movies. They sing a different song today. "We must take the theater for the Lord," they say, often without the knowledge or expertise that requires years of study, practice and preparation, and paying dues.

How many of you heard me talk about the days that I sat by the Hudson River and mourned over the death of my "Rabboni," which I had to suspend while it was in rehearsal in New York City three weeks before its Broadway opening. How many of you know from the kind of pain I felt in my heart when I had to tell my stricken cast and crew that we were pulling our show and it would not open at the Minskoff as scheduled. Or about the slander I took for holding prayer before rehearsals of my Broadway cast? Or the persecution and slander even by the Messianic body, claiming that I thought I was high and mighty.

I never expected to talk about this, but I have to tell it like it is. For Zion's sake, we will not hold our peace until the last breath is gone out of us. We are almost there now, just as we are about to embark upon the last and greatest leg of our journey with three great theatrical productions and films.

Right now, I am writing our third musical, "The Time of Mendel's Trouble," that shows not only the Lord Yeshua's triumphant return, but also Satan's utter defeat and demise in the Lake of Fire. Perhaps that is why he is attacking so viciously.

Will our work be halted by Satan's schemes? The work has been continuous since 1981 when God brought me to Los Angeles to produce "Rabboni," which won a Bronze Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council for "Excellence in Family Entertainment."

And now our most important work is about to begin where our shows will preach the Word of God with intense prophetic vigor to the Jewish people and also to the Gentiles to transform them with the Holy Spirit's overcoming transcending power. This is no new church parking lot or pastor's special fund! We have a tough job to do and you can help us to make it!

Will "the hands of Zerubbabel" which "have laid the foundation of this Temple" be able to finish it so that "you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent Me to you?" (Zech. 4:9) Or will this letter fall on apathetic ears which listen but do not hear, and eyes that see and yet are blind? Let our fruit stand as witness to our calling. We do not bear witness to ourselves, but He bears witness through our works that we are among His appointed emissaries to the end.

We must have immediate help or the ministry will collapse in a blaze of Satan's attack. If we go down, so will our Prophecy School that we have established in Nigeria (without pay) in partnership with a local pastor which reaches hundreds in spite of the attempts of Muslims to kill them just because they are Christians, and another School of Prophecy that we are helping to start in Northern Ireland, and the television broadcasts in Atlanta and Birmingham and soon in the Philippines, and our Prophecy Video and Study Guide series, and on and on.

Some of you can give sacrificially.

You can also make a secure credit card offering on our website,

We will deeply appreciate whatever you can give. Anything you give will be to your credit in heaven. And we pray God will abundantly reward you for it. (Gen. 12:3)

Thank you & God bless you,
Jeremiah & Wendy Ginsberg

December 23, 2003

Dear Friends & Partners in Ministry:

It's hard to believe that the end of another year is upon us. Time seems to be passing so swiftly. This year saw many in the Body of Messiah Yeshua struggling through just about the hardest time of testing ever. But let us rejoice that the Lord has seen us through another year and has strengthened the saints, for the time is coming when we will need to be strong to endure hardship, persecution and danger. There is also a time coming when the saints will rise up in the power of God and do exploits.

The Lord's Directives for Jeremiah Ministries: God wants His people to be educated and able to discern the signs of the times, so that they will not be deceived! Toward that end, He has instructed us, even when we have been enduring a most difficult time of testing, to disseminate our new teaching materials, to build an Apostolic work for Him, the Kess Malkhoot Dahveed, Hebrew for Throne of David, to help raise up the Lord's army of saints. How do we do this?

1) New prophecy video series: We are just completing a 21-volume video teaching series that covers the entire end-time scenario from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Each videotape is approximately 1 hour of Jeremiah analyzing the prophetic Scriptures, and we have written extensive 30-page companion study guides that go along with each tape. Year-End Offer: Volume One of the Prophecy Video Series with Free 30-Page Study Guide for $25.00 - We pay the Shipping & Handling costs. To order online securely using your credit card, click on the link - "Prophecy Video Volume One."

2) Home Congregation Kess Malkhoot Dahveed: Since April 2003, we have been conducting Bible studies and praise and worship in our home. We meet Friday nights at 7:30 PM for an Erev Shabbat service. All are welcome. Call us for info. In addition, we have started satellite Kess Malkhoot Dahveed Home Groups in Santa Barbara, CA and Long Island, NY.

3) Prophecy Seminars: As the Lord opens doors, we will continue to teach end-time prophecy from a Messianic/Davidic perspective around the country, in Canada, and Europe.

End-Of-The-Year Blessings!

May the Lord Yeshua crown your year with His goodness! May He answer all your prayers and grant you the deepest desires of your hearts! We wish the very best for you and yours, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your beautiful kindness to us.

In your end-of-the-year giving, please remember Jeremiah Ministries and the work that the Lord has called us to do. Your much appreciated donations and your kindness will not be forgotten by Messiah Yeshua, the King of Israel. He will reward as He promised, "I will bless them that bless thee."

We wish you a wonderful, joyful holiday season! At the time of the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah), which Yeshua Himself celebrated (John 10:22), may your home be filled with His Light and Love!

Shalom, dear friends,

Jeremiah & Wendy Ginsberg

November 10, 2003

On Friday nights, we are hosting a Bible study/Erev Shabbat service in our home, called Kess Malkhoot Dahveed Home Group. Kess Malkhoot Dahveed is Hebrew for "The Throne of David." The current series of teachings is on The Gray Horseman in the Book of Revelation, and how Islam will bring the world to Armageddon; end-time prophecy from the unique Messianic Jewish perspective of Jeremiah Ginsberg! If you are in South Florida, you are invited to come. Call us for info at (954) 722-1719. Bless you!

November 7, 2003

In addition to broadcasting The Jerusalem Gates Prophecy Radio Show on WHRA short wave into Africa, the Middle East and Israel, which you can listen from the link on our website's main page, we are expanding into the Western Hemisphere by broadcasting on WINB on Sunday evenings at 10:00 PM. You can be a partner with us in reaching the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel by your tax-deductible giving. If you would like to help underwrite the expense of these radio outreaches, please click on Donate.

Thank you, and may the Lord reward you as it is written, "I will bless them that bless thee!"

The work of the ministry continues. The third printing of my prophecy book, "While The Fiddler Played, The World Came To An End," is completed.

My new book, "Esau's Last Stand," is also completed. It's about the sons of Esau, who are terrorists and are perpetuating the lies begun by their father, Esau, from the womb of Rebecca to the present day. It traces their wicked jealousy and covetousness of their brother Jacob over the centuries and explains the reason for God saying, "Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated." (Malachi 1:1-2) It explains how Jacob has been maligned while Esau has managed to amalgamate the nations to his cause which will pull the world into the War of Armageddon.

In this new book, I have included a chapter on the sudden appearance of America, the Rider on the Black Horse (Rev. 6:5-6) which was omitted from the first book, "While The Fiddler Played." This chapter shows the development through the Book of Zechariah of America's presence on this earth and teaches about how 9/11 was the triggering device for the salvation of the Jewish people, the building up of the Davidic Kingdom on this earth, and the downfall of the Gentile kingdoms, of which America is pre-dominant. (For information on ordering the 10-Volume Teaching Tape series, see our Order Form.)

My new book is one of the most significant teachings that the Lord has ever given me, and it is extraordinary. We are trusting that God will raise up the necessary support to keep this ministry running at a time when we will need to pay for the printing of the new book, "Esau's Last Stand," which must be released soon as it presents to the Jewish people the critical understanding of the events that are descending like jagged thunderbolts on top of them.

This new book contains no hype or foolish hyperbole or fictitious doctrines such as the Church being Israel. It shows that the Church Age has been concluded and the Davidic Age wherein the Son of David, our Messiah Yeshua, will be anointed as King and High Priest in Jerusalem, has begun, triggered by 9/11. The restoration of the fallen dynasty or House (tabernacle) of David is being implemented through much suffering, the birth pangs of which have already begun. Jeremiah calls it the times of the hunters. (Jeremiah 16:16)

At this time, our ministry is being called into the front ranks in fulfillment of the word of prophecy which the Lord gave to me 30 years ago when He lifted me into heaven and told me, "You will build for Me a new House of Worship." We need your prayers and financial support more than ever before. It is a dangerous time and a time of heroics. Our new video teaching series, Kess Malkhoot Dahveed, will lead the way in the building of the Throne of David because this is the uncharted area which the Lord was speaking of in 1972 and which He has given me unusual revelation knowledge of. This video taping process will require hundreds of hours of uncompensated ministry which is urgently needing to be continued as we have already begun it.

Will you help us with this very specialized call? The churches need to be taught or left in the dust as the Jewish people finally receive God's best: understanding who their Messiah is, and being the head and not the tail. If you will help us, you will be blessed by God who says, "I will bless those who bless you, and curse him who curses you." (Genesis 12:3) There are enough nations who are cursing Israel right now for you to make the difference and stand in the gap of blessing.

Your offering of any amount will be so deeply appreciated. Thank you for not forgetting us.

Thank you for your continuing concern for Israel and the Jewish people. We are pioneers and have been in their service for the Lord for the last 27 years. May the Lord Yeshua reward you for your dear kindness to us.

In His Warm Love,
Jeremiah & Wendy

Jeremiah Ministries
PO Box 936127, Margate, FL 33093-6127
(954) 722-1719

February 28, 2002

Dear Friends and Partners in Ministry,

Never before in the history of this ministry has our work grown so rapidly. And never before has the demand for what we do been so dramatic.

Most of you know that our book, "While The Fiddler Played, The World Came To An End," has challenged and changed many of the traditional understandings of prophecy which just made no sense in light of the rapidly evolving world scene.

Feedback from readers of the book has been phenomenal! A few of the comments are:

The fact of the matter is that the book has been selling out wherever I go. It so capsulizes the teaching I do at seminars (which builds a clear and easily understandable infrastructure through the prophetic Scriptures) in this country, Canada and Europe, that people buy them for themselves and togive to their friends. One copy was recently sent to President Bush by one of his financial supporters and to Attorney General John Ashcroft with a message to read it and abide in its wisdom in governing this land.

Furthermore, a French translation is almost completed as of this writing and will need to be printed in France; we leave for a three-day seminar at the largest Messianic congregation in Paris at the end of March and then on to Lyon for another prophecy seminar, and then to Basel, Switzerland. We do not know what the cost of that printing will be at this present time, but it will probably be no less than the cost for the English version.

And finally, "Esau's Last Stand," our new book which presents a most unusual graphic and original perspective on the extraordinary conflict between Jacob and Esau, and how it is the magnet which draws the full magnitude of end-time events to a conclusion at the war of Armageddon is almost completed as well, and will be ready for the presses in another month or two. This work explains Islam from God's unique perspective and focuses the recent World Trade Center disaster in a new and dynamic light, presenting a key to understanding the whys and wherefores of the whole prophetic picture of events yet to unfold.

What more can I say? The need is clear; the non-ability to meet it equally clear. What God has given us we freely share. What we have we lovingly give to help others, often without remuneration. But what we do not have are the finances which will help us to continue to give this light.

If you are one of those who have gained a new dimension of understanding the prophetic Scriptures from our work, then we ask you to not ignore our need at this stressful last hour in the history of the world. We ask you to send your tax-deductible donation today if possible to Jeremiah Ministries at the address listed above.

Thank you and know that we are so very appreciative for the many of you that have helped us before. If you can help us again, we, and the Lord, will both be grateful.

Love in Messiah Yeshua,

Jeremiah & Wendy Ginsberg

Click here to read about the widely acclaimed prophecy book, "While The Fiddler Played, The World Came To An End."

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