Chapter 11 - Islam Exposed

The Pale Horse: A Malignancy

On August 16,1995, as I was thinking about how to begin writing this chapter, I heard the Lord say, "malignancy." I knew exactly what He was talking about and I relate that to you here. I begin with a Scripture to set the stage.

What is the meaning of "malignancy?" New Webster's Dictionary of the English Language at page 577 defines "malignant" as follows:

"Having extreme malevolence or enmity; malicious; exerting pernicious influence. Pathol. increasing in danger and size, as a tumor; not benign; virulent; tending to cause death."

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines malignancy (path.), cancer 12:36:2a as,

"Malignancy refers to the ability of a tumor to ultimately cause death. Any tumor, of any type, may produce death by local effects if appropriately situated. The common and more specific definition of malignancy implies an inherent tendency of the tumor's cells to metastasize (invade the body widely and become disseminated by subtle means) and eventually to kill the patient unless all the malignant cells can be eradicated).

"The outstanding gross characteristic of malignancy is the tendency of tumor cells to wander from their site of origin by way of the circulatory system and other channels, which may eventually establish these cells in almost every tissue and organ of the body. In contrast, the cells of a benign tumor invariably remain in contact with each other in one solid mass centered on the site of origin. Because of the physical continuity of benign tumor cells, they may be removed completely by surgery if the location is suitable. But the dissemination of malignant cells, each one individually possessing the ability to give rise to new masses in new and distant sites, precludes complete eradication by a single surgical procedure in all but the earliest period of growth.

"A benign tumor may undergo malignant transformation, but the cause of such change is unknown. Normal body cells, if subjected to the appropriate (and little understood) stimulus, may form tumors and these tumors may be either benign or malignant from the start...It is possible, however, for a malignant tumor to remain quiescent, mimicking a benign one clinically, for a long time. Of the group of tumors in which malignancy is variable, some are benign from the start and remain so; others are apparently malignant from their moment of origin; and finally a few appear to change from benign to malignant..."

There are certain characteristics of the malignant tumor that are strikingly similar to the qualities of the rider on the pale horse of Revelation 6:7-8. To wit:

1) ability of a tumor to ultimately cause death. Here we refer back to the Scriptural root source for God's statement quoted above, "Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated."

Esau's hatred, an evil malignancy in his heart and which has lurked in the hearts of his descendants through the ages resulting in wars and the murders of untold numbers of Jacob's descendants, was based upon the loss of his birthright to his brother Jacob. It was a hatred born out of extreme jealousy. But the fact is that he did not lose the birthright to Jacob because of any fault of Jacob as is commonly parroted in the popular but incorrect ecclesiastical rubric which has incited many to fall into the sin of anti-Jewish and pro-Arab sentiment.

The Scripture refers to Jacob as a "mild" or "plain man" (Gen. 25:27). This is an erroneous translation of the Hebrew word, "tawm" which means complete, usually pious, gentle, dear, perfect, plain, undefiled and upright. It is used elsewhere in the Bible to describe Job as a perfect man (Job 1:8). Thus, rather than a mild or plain man, Scripture, accurately translated from the Hebrew in which it was originally written, describes Jacob as a perfect, pious, dear and gentle man. Esau is described quite differently.

It was never God's plan that Esau (and Ishmael, another father of the Arab nations whom we will discuss later), the father of the Arab nations, should receive God's blessing in the first place. One good reason is that He knew in advance what Esau would be like. We can see that God had spoken to Rebekah, the mother of the twins, while she was yet pregnant and advised her of His plan for her boys:

But isn't it so that the inheritor of a blessing is frequently the object of scorn and jealousy? Look at the classic and earliest Biblical example of this typical reaction. Of the two sons of Adam and Eve, Abel had found favor with God. Scripture tells us that Abel was a shepherd, no doubt a gentle, faithful, God-loving man, and Cain was a tiller of the ground (Gen.4:2) who was preoccupied with his stomach. Esau, "a skillful hunter, a man of the field," showed an amazing similarity to Cain, both being earthy men. Abel, a shepherd, was probably very similar to Jacob. Regarding Abel and Cain the Scripture reports,

But Cain was a profligate who wanted the blessing without working or exercising his faith or doing what was necessary to gain it; it was the same with Esau. Out of jealousy, Cain killed his brother. When questioned by God as to where his brother was, he answered,

First, he showed that he was a liar and second, a jealous hater. Jacob, like Abel, paid the price for having received God's favor. Although he wasn't murdered, he was despised and called a cheat and was accused of stealing his brother Esau's blessing even though it was clearly Jacob's by virtue of God's will.

And what about the great Hebrew patriarch Joseph? Chosen of God to receive His blessing, Joseph was thrown into a pit and left for dead by his brothers (Gen.37:24).

Thus, the Jacob story is just another one of the many great all time lies spewed out by the father of lies: the devil who hates the Jews, the "apple of God's eye" (Zech.2:8), and will do anything to destroy them.

Thus Esau, who is ancestor of many of the modern day Arab nations, demonstrated the same insolent disrespect for God that Cain did. After Esau had voluntarily sold his birthright to his brother for a bowl of stew to fill his stomach, the natural preoccupation for a "man of the field," he later tried, when he wasn't hungry any more, to regain the blessing from his father Isaac (Gen. 27:36), but it was too late. Of course, there was also the stubborn refusal to accept the fact, as there is with his modern day descendants, that God intended for Jacob to receive the blessing in the first place. Esau was a man who had little concern for his relationship with God, for his relationship with his brother or for his birthright, but valued his food more highly. It doesn't speak too well for his character.

That Esau ultimately lost the blessing to Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel (meaning "you have prevailed with God;" Gen. 32:28), was clearly God's justice due to Esau's irreverence and lack of character, and Jacob's reverence, character and great faith. Down through the ages there has been this same unjust and irreverent bitter hatred toward Jacob (Israel).

Then in 1471 B.C., approximately 300 years after Esau lost his blessing to Jacob, as Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, he sought to pass through the land belonging to Edom his request was rejected by Kadesh, the king of Edom. Edom is one and the same as the descendants of Esau (Gen. 36:19). Listen to the report of Moses.

By no means did that end the story. More than 2,000 years later Mohammed because of jealousy (a sin which represents a breach of God's commandment not to covet), bitterness and unforgiveness, fell victim to the devil's trap that Allah (the Devil in disguise), not Jehovah, is God, that he and his Arab brethren are God's chosen people and that the Hebrews are infidels.

This was the Devil's attempt through Mohammed (just as he did through Esau) and his followers to contradict and negate the will of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, who he hates for defeating him and destroying his work (Heb. 2:14-15) and for casting him out of a position of power and authority and ultimately out of heaven (Rev. 12:9).

It was also his attempt to negate the blessing that God had given to Jacob's children (Gen. 12:3). To accomplish his wicked purposes he created a violent and vile anti-Biblical apostasy through Mohammed which has not only continued to this very day, but is presently playing itself out across the face of the globe into one of the most major end-time anti-God scenarios, a heresy fulfilled prophetically in the person of the rider on the pale horse (Rev. 6:7-8) until he, the rider, is finally destroyed at the end of the age by the hand of the Lord.

These sons of Belial are nothing new to God. Moses spoke of them in a very incriminating way:

Paul, the emissary of the Lord, also spoke of these evil sons of Belial in warning the Christians:

This is the same anti-God conspiracy that has traced its way from the Garden of Eden through the Esau-s and the Ishmael-s right through history up to the rider on the pale (gray) horse and the final great judgment which takes place at the Day of the Lord, the great day of His wrath, the time of Jacob's trouble (Jer. 30:7; Joel 1:15; Rev. 6:17) when the sons of Belial shall be finally eradicated.

What this apostasy ultimately accomplishes is that the fraudulent god of this earth, who has been fooling the heathen since the Garden of Eden, gets himself worshiped, which has always been his desire, instead of and in place of God (Matt. 4:9). Many Christians have fallen victim to this scheme of the devil without even being aware of it and have sided with the descendants of Esau in their evil and godless plan to steal the blessing of the modern day descendants of Jacob, the Jews.

When in 1760 BC Esau wept to his father Isaac over the loss of his blessing to his brother Jacob and begged his father for a blessing for himself, Isaac blessed him and in so doing brought forth a prophetic utterance which is presently still being fulfilled among his descendants, the modern day Arabs.

This is a clear picture of what's going on with the sons of Esau today. Hardly a major city in the world has not suffered at the hands of these people who are the sons of Belial of old who come "to steal, and to kill, and to destroy." (John 10:10) And these are the principal riders on the Pale Horse (Rev. 6:7-8).

Note that God said that Esau and his descendants would serve Jacob and his descendants. Islam is the very attempt of the sons of Esau to overrule the edict of God, that they would serve their younger brother, and to break his yoke from off of their necks. Moreover, it is their attempt to shake off Israel's divine dominance thereby reversing God's edict and to repeal Israel's blessing. To do so they have invented their own god, "Allah," and their own Bible, "the Koran;" exactly the opposite of what God decreed. Obviously, if not of God, then of His enemy, the counterfeit god, who grasped the opportunity to advance his own selfish purposes through jealous men.

And about 138 years earlier than Esau, in 1898 BC, the same identical thing happened to Esau's Uncle, Ishmael, Abraham's illegitimate son that he had begotten through Hagar, the Egyptian handmaid of his wife Sarah. Ishmael was not the son of promise.

His descendants after him are the modern day Jewish people. They are the recipients of God's blessing promised to their patriarchs in the way of an "everlasting covenant" of blessing. But what did God say about Ishmael (also a father of the modern day Arabs)?

And so it was that just as Israel had twelve tribes, so did Ishmael; twelve fathers of Arab families, the descendants of whom along with the descendants of Esau are the modern day Arabs. And a prophecy given Hagar, the mother of Ishmael, by the Angel of the Lord is clearly a parallel to that which was given by Isaac to Esau and his descendants; these prophecies mark the beginning and establish the roots of the curses which operate through the ages and continuing today against their present day descendants.

Thus, a malignancy has been inherited by the modern day descendants of Esau and Ishmael, the riders on the Pale Horse. For a good demonstration of this horrible life-threatening malignancy, let's look at an article which appeared in the September 8, 1995 issue of The Jewish Press entitled, "Arafat's Hate Speech - 'All Israel Is Ours' - Incites Arabs To Destroy Israel."

"Despite his repeated promises to the contrary, Chief PLO terrorist Yasir Arafat has been found once again inciting to violence and war to destroy Israel. In another one of his venomous speeches, the chief terrorist told a crowd at the University of El-Azhar in Gaza that 'all Israel is ours! The Palestinian people have remained on this territory to fight for this territory and around this territory - and it is in its advanced stages toward the day of judgment.'

"Arafat added, 'We are now in middle of negotiations. But if the Israelis think that we have no alternatives, (I swear) in the name of Allah, they are mistaken. The Palestinian people are ready to sacrifice its last boy and last girl so that its flag will fly in Jerusalem - Jerusalem the capital of Palestine.'"

This malignancy can only be overcome by modern-day Arabs through the appropriation of the blood of the Lamb of God, the sacrificial act of Jesus - but only as to salvation and not the replacement of the Jews or the inheritance of their promises from God, including their right to the land and their chosenness before Him. But on the other hand, the Scripture says, "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." (Prov. 16:18) Does Mr. Arafat's kind of haughtiness lead to or even allow repentance?

2) The tendency of a tumor's cells to invade the body widely and become disseminated by subtle means and eventually to kill the patient unless all the malignant cells can be eradicated. How similar is the insinuation of the sons of Esau into the land and populations of other people and nations such as Israel, the United States, France, Germany etal, and after once having gained subtle entrance into countries, cities, jobs, administrative positions and other strategic places indigenous to the society, there then follows the intifada and bus bombings in Israel, the Meier Kahane killing and the World Trade Center bombing in New York City, the Munich killing of Israeli athletes at the 1968 Olympic Games, the 1995 bombings in Paris by Algerian Fundamentalist Muslims and on and on.

Let me show you just what the extent of this danger is. An article in the August 28, 1995 New York Times, entitled, "Amid Islam's Growth in the U.S., Muslims Face a Surge in Attacks," which speaks of anger against Islamics and their Mosques in the United States as backlash against Islamic terrorism, states:

"The increase in hate crimes comes at a time when Islam is America's fastest growing faith. In the United States, Muslims now outnumber Episcopalians 2-to-1. With about six million adherents, Islam is expected to overtake Judaism as the largest non-Christian religion in the United States by the end of the decade."

That is a dangerous eventuality considering God's statement about the importance of the proportionate number of Jewish people in the midst of the population of any country.

God had a good reason for this. One thing is for certain, He does not use the same "politically correct," "democratic" and "affirmative action" policies and guidelines as the nations to guarantee fairness and even handedness. He distinguishes between the worthy and the unworthy and the deserving and the undeserving. And He blesses only those whom He chooses to bless. The Jewish people are blessed by Him and they carry this special blessing wherever they go and whatever country they inhabit and they bring it to the Gentile inhabitants of those places.

Thus, the sons of Jacob, not the sons of Esau, carry the blessing. It seems to me that if I were the president of a nation and I knew this, I would make sure that I did what God told me to do so that I could get His blessings for my country, rather than adhere to devil-inspired, malignant, politically correct and good sounding policies, the end of which brings a curse and death. The thief always manages to obscure the mandates issued from heaven to his own advantage, that is, until he is "outted" at the end of the age. The article further demonstrates the fact that Islam, just like a malignancy, tends to invade... widely and become disseminated by subtle means.

"...slightly more than half of America's Muslim population (are) foreign born... They say that few Americans realize that Louis Farrakhan's radical and highly publicized Nation of Islam has only 10,000 members, a tiny splinter group when compared with the estimated three million African-American Muslims."

Remember Farrakhan's million man march in Washington, DC, which by virtue of cleverly chosen and seemingly innocent racial objectives (many of which were worthy) managed to insinuate himself and his lying, devilish anti-Semitic Nation of Islam doctrine into even many black Christian churches. He spreads himself in same fashion through his "bow ties" and neighborhood security agencies: just like a malignancy, invading wisely and becoming disseminated by subtle means.

3) The tendency of tumor cells to wander from their site of origin by way of the circulatory system and other channels, which may eventually establish these cells in almost every tissue and organ of the body roughly parallels the origination of Islam in the Middle East and North Africa and the rapid spread of the violent end-time ideology embraced by its Fundamentalists throughout other cities, countries and whole continents of the world such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Paris, Caracas, Cologne, Aachen, Rome, the United States, France, Germany, Canada, Afghanistan, Africa, and even the Scandinavian countries just to name a few. A demonic conspiracy? Unquestionably! An article in The New York Times dated September 7, 1995, entitled, "A Wary France Cracks Down on Its Muslims," demonstrates the point very nicely.

"Climate of Fear Follows Bombings". PARIS, Sept.6 - Even on good days, Barbes looks forlorn. But over the last few weeks, with terrorist bombs exploding in subway cars and garbage containers around the city, this rundown Paris neighborhood, home to some 40,000 North African Arabs, has become jittery too.

"Suspecting these acts of terror to be the work of Algerian Muslim fundamentalists, the police have focused their surveillance on the five million Muslims - and, in particular, the two million Algerians - living in France... Since the security campaign began seven weeks ago, 800,000 people, many of them described in French newspapers as 'of North African origin' or 'of dark complexion,' have been stopped throughout France by police officials checking identity and residence papers....

"In Paris, thousands of police officers have been deployed in train stations, tourist sites, shopping malls and major streets. Trash cans have been sealed shut in many areas 'for security reasons' with a note apologizing for the inconvenience. Beaches, theaters and train stations have been evacuated in searches for bombs. Schools are under special watch, and President Jacques Chirac has called on all citizens to be vigilant.

"The first bomb exploded on a crowded underground train beneath the Place St.-Michel on July 25, killing seven people and wounding nearly 100. On Aug.17, another bomb went off near the Arc de Triomphe. Two weeks ago, a bomb was found wired to a high-speed train track near Lyons. On Sunday, a malfunctioning bomb exploded in a crowded Paris marketplace on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, wounding four people. The most recent bomb was discovered on Monday, unexploded, on the Place Charles-Vallin....

"France took similar measures in 1986 when it experienced a series of Iranian-inspired bombings....

"Travel is more difficult since direct flights from Algeria to Paris were halted after the hijacking of an Air France plane by Algerian terrorists last December...."French officials say their aim is not to punish Algerians but to protect France and prevent the problems that arose in the 1960's when Algerians fighting for independence from France forged links with Algerians living in France, creating an active network of resistance and terrorism....

"'The fundamentalist phenomenon in Algeria is a socio-political movement, so it has to have an echo among some Algerians here,' said Djeloul Siddiki, a French-Algerian sociologist who works at the Paris Mosque. 'But I would say 95 percent of the Algerians living here want to live in peace and are very unlikely to be seduced by a militant fundamentalist call for any kind of action.'"

And then, the next day, September 8, 1995, The Times reported in an article entitled, "Car Bomb Explodes Near Jewish School in France."

"PARIS, Sept. 7 - A car bomb exploded outside a Jewish school in the Villeurbanne suburb of Lyons today, wounding 14 people and stirring fears of an increase in terrorist attacks by Algerian Islamic militants who are believed to have planted five other bombs in France over the past six weeks.

"The latest bomb blast, the first in the current series to use a car loaded with explosives, occurred at 4:55 P.M. local time, just minutes before some 700 children were to leave school for the day. 'It's a miracle that absolute carnage was averted,' said the Chief Rabbi of Lyons, Richard Wertenschlag."

And on September 10th, The Times reported in the World News Briefs, that the French police had arrested 31 Islamic militants in connection with the series of bombings that had taken place in France since July 25. It further reported that the police were searching for an Algerian-born man suspected in one attack and that his fingerprints were found on a bomb that failed to explode near a high-speed train track in August.

It is unfortunate that the decent, civilized sons of Esau are adjudged guilty without trial for the wicked actions of their brothers who are not by any means in the minority. Arab youth are taught by their leaders to hate the sons of Jacob rather than to co-exist with them.

The Jews have always welcomed the Arabs into the Jewish land to live and to earn their livings, indeed treating them better than their own Arab brothers would. But the Arabs cannot countenance Jewish settlers living in their midst in the West Bank areas that have so foolishly been given over to them by those misdirected Jewish liberals who have no comfort in God's promises.

The Arab boycott is another good example of this Arab rejectionist policy against the right of the Jews to live in peace in Israel and to prosper there. One need only walk down the streets of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and see the rocks, bullets and bombs exploding with great regularity, killing those who the Bible calls the "apple of God's eye."

Is it so hard to see that this is a demonically inspired apostasy? The Gentile nations are blind to it because of the hardness of their hearts. And after the thousands of years of constant attack and anti-Jewish hatred, it is easy to understand why the Jews just want a little peace. They have not even had the chance to recover from the wounds to their collective soul from the near genocide of their race by their Nazi tormentors. And now the Arabs are lined up to commit the same atrocities simply so that they can possess the blessing which God has given to Israel. How is this different from Esau's coveting Jacob's blessing and being willing to murder him to get it? Just a few thousand years, that's all. And the nations are not only blind to this, but they themselves gang up against the "Jewish infidel" in their midst. Witness the United Nations. And it will never be over until Messiah returns to save His people and to punish the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and those who divide their land (Joel 3:2).

The Jewish pain is much like the desperation of the poor soul whose body has been invaded by a cancerous tumor which wants to infest, to overtake and choke out the life of the rightful inhabitant of that body so that it can occupy it. Do you see the comparison?

So how can a peace agreement between an invader and the invaded result in a lasting reconciliation between the two? One wants to kill and the other is fighting not to be killed. Only the simple minded would trust in such a fatuous arrangement.

One last example of the similarity of Islam and tumors which have the tendency to wander from their site of origin by way of the circulatory system and other channels, and which may eventually establish these cells in almost every tissue and organ of the body. The article that I want to quote from, entitled, "On Campus, Flirting With Farrakhan," by Martin Kilson, appeared in the March 11, 1989 New York Times.

"During the first week of February, the black students' association at Princeton University announced it had raised $10,000 to pay the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, to speak to them... This flirtation of black student organizations at elite colleges with the ethnocentric black populism of Mr. Farrakhan strikes me as ominous... His frequent anti-Semitic remarks are too intellectually offensive to warrant his selection as speaker. It is just as irresponsible as white students selecting an anti-black or anti-Asian speaker."

This Islamic, anti-Semitic spirit has infected an organ far from its site of origin, the Middle-East: the American Blacks. As absurd as it may seem for a spirit that is uniquely indigenous to the Middle-eastern Arab and Indo-European ethnicity, here we see that it has been transmitted to a totally unrelated people in an entirely distant locale.

4) Each one individually possessing the ability to give rise to new masses in new and distant sites. "After 20 Years, A Mosque Opens in Catholicism's Back Yard" is the title of an article in the June 22, 1995 edition of The New York Times, which will serve to demonstrate this amazing principal of Islamic multiplication and sometimes into the most unlikely places. "Rome, June 21 - A grand mosque on the scale of some of Islam's most holy shrines formally opened its doors today in a multinational, multilingual ceremony that ended on a note of challenge.

"If the mosque - the first to be built in the home of the Roman Catholic Church - has a message, it is one of religious tolerance. And that was the message that Pope John Paul II threw back at the Islamic world today as he hailed the mosque's opening at his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square.

"'In some Islamic countries, similar signs of recognition of religious freedom are lacking,' said the 75-year-old Pope..."

The new and distant site here is Rome, the capitol of Catholicism. Strange? Thus is the nature of Islam. Popping up all over the place. Stranger yet is the Pope's non-Biblical stance regarding "religious tolerance," the roots of a unified, one-world religion, to be discussed elsewhere.

Another article in The New York Times, this one dated January 3, 1995, is entitled, "Caracas Is Constructing Latins' Biggest Mosque;" another strange distant site.

"CARACAS, Venezuela - Ever since 1498, when Spanish sailors planted a cross on a beach in a land they later called Little Venice, Roman Catholicism has been the dominant religion in Venezuela.

"Now, against the emerald green shoulder of an Andean ridge, a slim white minaret rises 370 feet to a crown of a star and crescent. Mirroring modern Venezuela's religious tolerance and its oil realpolitik, artisans here are putting finishing touches on what will be the biggest mosque in Latin America. Rising higher than the Catholic Cathedral a few blocks away, the new minaret is the highest in the West.

"'It is like a dream come true for us,' Hassan Majzoub, president of Venezuela's Islamic Center, said of the four-year project, which is to culminate in March with the inauguration of the Caracas Islamic Center.

"Mr. Majzoub, a shopkeeper who emigrated from Lebanon in 1968, acknowledged that the 100,000 Muslims in Venezuela were easily surpassed in number by Muslims in Argentina, Brazil and the United States.

"But Venezuela, a founding member of OPEC, depends on oil sales for 80 percent of its Government income and is eager to maintain a good relationship with Saudi Arabia, the dominant OPEC power. When a Saudi Arabian foundation offered to pay for the $8.5 million mosque, Venezuela's Government jumped at the chance to exert religious diplomacy....

"The benefactor, the Ibrahim Bin Abdulaziz al-Ibrahim Foundation of the Saudi royal family, is building mosques in other cities not traditionally associated with Islam: Dusseldorf, Gibraltar, Milan and Moscow."

There you have it, another example of each one individually possessing the ability to give rise to new masses in new and distant sites, the outrageous multiplication (for the specific purpose of multiplication, of exercising a presence and an authority) of the malignancy in both cases: cancer; and, Islam under the name of "religious freedom" or "tolerance."

Would you be "tolerant" of cancer entering your body? The growth, which is not of healthy tissue or of God, burgeons its way into new flesh or new territory and the Devil thereby insinuates his evil influence into more and more disparate places; kind of like a world-wide patchwork quilt, you might say.

Another article in the December 29, 1997 New York Times entitled, "Desecration of Crescent and Star on Capital Ellipse is Deplored," demands our attention.

"WASHINGTON, Dec. 28 - Arabs today condemned as a hate crime the desecration of Washington's first official crescent and star. The symbol, put up in homage to Islam, was scarred with a swastika, emblazoned in red spray paint, sometime Friday night....

"This was the first year that a crescent and star was part of the multi-cultural tableaux on the Washington Ellipse, the land between the Washington Monument and the White House... Behind it was placed a giant menorah and to the right a tower and towering Christmas tree...

"For the last few years, the National Council on Islamic Affairs has displayed a crescent and star at various New York landmarks, including Grand Central Terminal, the lobby of the Empire State Building and Kennedy International Airport. This year, for the first time, the National Park Service granted the council permission to put the symbol on the National Mall....

"...vowing under a right cold sky that the star would be cleaned and rehung for Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, which begins on New Years Eve.

"The report of the park police called the act a hate crime. So did some Arab officials, who said it was a smear against the more than six million Muslims in America, where Islam is the second-largest religion after Christianity."

Remember that the principle we're discussing here is "Each one (tumor cell) individually possessing the ability to give rise to new masses in new and distant sites." Amazing, isn't it? This is America, not Persia, and Islam is the second largest religion in the entire land.

My immediate thought is, who's going to be favored here if there's a conflict between Arab and Jew? The answer is obvious to me; a politically correct solution is mandated by the worldly dollars-and-cents- motivated rationale. But is that going to be pleasing to the God of the Bible, upon Whom America's very existence as well as her blessings rests? Political correctness will lead to America's downfall. We can see that the plan of the Devil for America is so well hidden that America is submerged in the dark as to her plight... until it's too late.

5) A malignant tumor mimicking a benign one. The purpose of the mimicking of a benign one is deception; counterfeit to gain unresisted entrance; the trick of the devil. It is his modus operandi to appear harmless (like the concept of the "separation of church and state") to paralyze all that is in opposition to his evil aggression, to his wicked takeover plan, or even in some cases beneficial but in reality to be lethal, to enrich himself and his evil kingdom while depleting and damaging God and His kingdom of heaven.

The July 14, 1989 New York Times demonstrates such a benign-appearing evil deception. The article is entitled "A Muslim Celebration Of Sacrifice and Sharing."

"An Islamic celebration of sharing began yesterday, as Muslims filled mosques in the New York area with prayers and holiday greetings....

"Central to the three-day holiday is an individual family's sacrifice of a sheep, cow, goat or even a camel and the sharing of the meat with the needy and the poor of the community regardless of their religious beliefs."

Benign and even beneficial so far - to the needy and the poor regardless of their religious beliefs. But watch the devil's sleight of hand. The article continues with the fraud.

"Living in New York City has forced certain changes in the ritual of sacrifice. The sacrifice of the chosen animal - a commemoration of Abraham's sacrifice of a ram as a substitute for his son, Ishmael - is traditionally performed by the male head of each household."

But the Hebrew Scriptures reveal that these Muslim descendants of Esau have lied. They have done so cleverly by burying it beneath an altruistic-appearing act of giving to the poor. And so nobody notices the sleight of hand and thinks highly of the one who is really a liar, and a thief in God's sight. How must God feel about one who subverts the truth and authority of His word? About one who maligns His chosen people?

"And He (God) said, 'Take now your son, your only son Isaac (apparently God did not even consider Ishmael to be Abraham's son), whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you." (Gen. 22:2)

It was this same Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Sarah's Egyptian maid, Hagar, not the child of promise, of whom God said to his mother,

You have to ask yourself, doesn't truth stand for anything anymore? Shouldn't an institution as well reputed as The New York Times, which is owned by a Jewish family, know the difference between right and wrong, between moral and immoral? I should think so. I rest my case. Political correctness does not cut it with God. In that day there will be many who will be cast "into outer darkness; (where) there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." (Matt. 22:13). But as for the doctrine of Islam, the Scriptures are quite clear:

Lest you side with the enemies of the God of Israel, let me caution you. Or rather, let the words of Jesus, the Messiah, caution you:

"A malignant tumor mimicking a benign one" is the topic under the microscope here. Another development in America's downward metamorphosis caused by this phenomena was highlighted in an article entitled, "U.S. Embraces the Idea of Exchanges With Iran."in the Sun-Sentinel on January 11, 1998.

"WASHINGTON - After a few days of reflection on Iranian President Mohammad Khatami's address to the American people, senior U.S. officials are changing their tone and embracing the idea of cultural exchanges that fall short of a formal government-to-government dialogue....

"'When the President of Iran, a country with whom we've had a very bad relationship for a long time, gets on CNN and addresses the American people and starts praising our values and our civilization and talks about a dialogue, then it behooves us to respond,' a senior U.S. official said.

"When he says he regrets the hostage taking and talks about America as a great civilization and these things get criticized in Iran, the official said, 'it is an indication to us that he's interested in breaking down this distrust and finding a way to engage with us.'"

Voilà! The "malignant tumor has thereby mimicked a benign one" and has begun the process of metastasis; "to invade the body widely and become disseminated by subtle means and eventually to kill the patient unless all the malignant cells can be eradicated."

6) The last similarity that I will discuss here is the change from benign to malignant. This is the sneakiest situation and the hardest of all to uncover because the malignancy grows from a harmless core which has theretofore been harmless. Having made a quiet and undistinguishable transformation from harmless to poisonous, it possesses the unique ability to kill while still appearing innocuous. Thus because of the apparent state of innocense, precautionary steps would not be taken until it is too late and the patient is dead. An example, using The New York Times again. The article, which appeared on August 16, 1995, is entitled, "U.S. Muslims Say Aid Goes to Charity, Not Terror." "At the Holy Land Bakery and Grocery on Chicago's north side, Mohammed Joma Hilmi Jarad scoffed at the notion that the militant Islamic movement Hamas depends on American fund-raising for its terror campaign to sabotage peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

"'To blow up a house, you only need a bomb this size," said the Palestinian-American grocer, hefting a grenade-sized can of chick peas. 'But to build a house, you need a lot of money.'

"Housing and hospitals, not bombs, are the fruits of American Muslim generosity, said Mr. Jarad, who spent six months in an Israeli prison in 1993 on suspicion of being a Hamas organizer.

"The role of Hamas in the United States has become a subject of anxious attention as Federal prosecutors seek to prove that a Hamas leader detained in New York, Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, channeled large sums of money from the United States to Gaza and the West Bank to finance attacks on Israeli targets....

"Last December, about 5,000 people packed the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Chicago for the annual meeting of the Muslim Arab Youth Association. Midway through the meeting, a speaker suddenly announced that a Palestinian policeman had bombed a Jerusalem bus, killing himself and wounding 12 Israelis.

"'Allah Akhbar,' roared the crowd, offering spontaneous praise... But critics contend that the distinction between Hamas terror and Hamas good works is dubious. Charity, they say, helps raise the political stature of a group that promotes terror. And once the money reaches the Middle East, dollars are dollars.

"'Once the charity money hits the foreign destination, it is very difficult to determine where it really goes,' said Oliver B. Revell, a Texas security consultant who ran the F.B.I.'s counter-terrorism program until 1991....

"At the Bridgeview mosque this weekend, posters urged the faithful to place checks in collection envelopes for charity: to help Bosnian Muslim refugees in the Balkans.

"Hamas also uses schools, mosques, jails and funerals to spread the gospel about their jihad, or holy war, and to recruit young suicide bombers with the lure of martyrdom."

And what does this have to do with Esau whom God says that He hates? (Mal. 1:2-3; Rom. 9:13) Everything! He was the root source of the Fundamentalist Muslim malignancy which illegally invades a man's domain and gains control over it in order to kill it. It, like the tumor, enters secretively and almost consistently with malice aforethought, and while still unobserved it multiplies uncontrollably, a wild and angry hell-bent-on-destruction organism. Voilà: meet the rider on the pale horse. (Rev. 6:7-8)

This horseman is an unprincipled, undeviatingly persistent propagandist and warrior directed by the forces of hell to illegally invade another man's lands and homes, by force and by lies when force fails, to satisfy the devil's hunger for them by unprincipled claims, thefts and murders. He is an unholy creeper who claims to be holy, is arrogant, self-righteous and reprobate and conjures up the most outrageous falsehoods.

His malignancy is like the weeds that invade a cultivated garden or lawn and choke out the good grass or vegetables. While the tumor intrudes into a man's innermost parts in order to sap his body juices and vital functions for its own nourishment and growth, he also is parasitic and possesses no intrinsic value of his own but must appropriate that of his host. He is jealous and incapable of understanding his own sub-standard condition because like the tumor he is aberrant and wild growing.

He is not creative or inventive, does not have any great ideas or initiatives. He is a second class citizen who pales in the reflection of his younger brother whom he emulates but does not succeed because of the blessing that his brother has received from God. He possesses no honor or dignity and is not ashamed of his lies. As a matter of fact, he is so used to hearing them that he believes them himself. He shamelessly claims another man's accomplishments in order to be able to boast about his own superior worth. He gains the other man's honor by lying and inveigling himself uninvited into places, circumstances and situations. He is unfaithful and will always shift sides at the drop of a hat to align himself with the winning side. He is not above stealing another man's inheritance through fraud.

In short, he is dishonorable: a blight; a malignancy. This is a picture of the rider on the pale horse whom God says He hates. Why? Because God hates liars and idolaters who worship false gods.

The Holy Scriptures are pretty good evidence, aren't they, of the fact that God told Abraham to sacrifice his "only son" Isaac. Then why is it that in the early-600's AD, around 2,500 years later, as subsequently recorded in the Koran, God told Muhammad that Abraham placed Ishmael and not Isaac on the altar? Unless, of course, it was another god. It was: Molech, a heathen god, especially of the Ammonites of old, who was worshiped with gruesome orgies in which children were sacrificed. The worship of Molech was known to Israel before they entered Canaan, for Moses very sternly forbade its worship. (Lev.18:21; 20:1-5).This false god was also an aspect of Baal (Jer. 32:35) and Belial (Deut.13:13) whom we spoke of earlier in this chapter. Today, he is popularly known as Allah, and contemporary people call his worshipers the third major monotheistic religion of the world, Islam. Don't you buy it. This is a case of blatant mimicry of the Jewish God and the Jewish Bible as is so much of the Koran and the rituals and practices of the Islamic faith. The younger brother, Jacob, was the chosen of God, therefore, the elder brother had to invent his own god of whom he would also be the chosen people. I rest my case. And incidentally, the very place where Abraham was instructed to offer up his only son, Isaac, was the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But more about that Later.

Get the picture? Take a look at the events in the Middle East today (the Palestinians are modern day Edomites which I will talk about in greater detail when I discuss the end-time prophecies of Obadiah), and see if God didn't know what he was talking about when he proclaimed His hatred for Esau, whose sons would prove to be murderers.

Esau, the father of the Edomites whose descendants, amongst other ancient serious indiscretions exercised against the people of God, would not allow Moses and the children of Israel to pass through their land on their exodus from Egypt (Num. 20:18).

Centuries later, King Herod, the Edomite, who in his crazed, jealous search for the baby Jesus, in cold blood, murdered (just like the Palestinian suicide bombers do today) all the Hebrew boy babies two years old and under (Matt. 2:16). If he had had his way and been able to find the baby Jesus, there'd be no salvation for the Gentiles and no Christianity today. Pretty serious stuff, huh? No wonder God said, "but Esau I have hated."

The punch line: When Esau married Ishmael's daughter (Gen. 28:9) and also took wives from the daughters of Canaan and had multitudes of grandsons (Gen. 36), he became, along with Ishmael, the father of 22 Arab nations, soon to be 23 if the Palestinians get to carve a state out of the land God gave to Israel as an everlasting possession. A sorry heritage I'd say.

Yet, the story has a potentially happy ending for the sons of Esau, too. It is this: Through the blood sacrifice Jesus, the Lamb of God, salvation is available to every son of Esau that they might also become sons of God and inheritors of eternal life.

"For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Rom.10:13) And then God will say, "Jacob I have loved and now, so too do I love and forgive those of Esau's sons who have accepted the blood sacrifice of Jesus as their own."


Earlier in this chapter we spoke of God's final disposition of the sons of Esau as reported in the Book of Obadiah. Ezekiel also prophesied about the great wickedness of Edom in striving to steal Israel's inheritance. This is the continuing saga which leads up to the loosing of the rider on the Pale Horse (Rev. 6:7-8) to attempt to complete the blood vendetta begun by Esau. He is totally defeated in the process and God's justice is finally accomplished.

Do you begin to see now that what the majority of newspapers and newscasts say about the Middle East conflict is erroneous? The West Bank belongs to Israel. The settlers are right. The Rabin/Peres Administration was wrong. The Arabs are wrong. And the media is slanted so totally against the sons of Jacob and in favor of the sons of Esau, that one doesn't have to wonder where this anti-God rhetoric originates from: the pit of hell. Why? Because it is in opposition to the truths declared in the Scriptures of the God of Israel, the only God. These lies are the root source of the major end-time conflict which will be perpetrated by the rider on the Pale Horse together with the Antichrist, who is the rider on the Red Horse.

Now in light of all of the aforesaid, let's look at a newspaper article which reports on the controversy surrounding the town of Hebron which is located smack dab within the "ancient heights" to which Ezekiel's prophecy refers. It appeared in The New York Times on September 13, 1995 and is entitled, "In West Bank Town of Hebron, Old Hatreds Burn."

"HEBRON, Israeli-Occupied West Bank, Sept. 11 - In her crowded office at the Arabic girls' school in the center of Hebron, the deputy director, Izdiharar al-Karaki, bridled on being asked if she would ever move the school.

"'I can't even think of leaving,' she declared. 'We will stay even if the school falls brick by brick.'

"Mrs. Karaki pointed to the girls filing past in neat striped smocks and said, 'These are girls of Palestine, and they have to learn courage to live in their homeland.'"

Who is right? God, or this Palestinian who brazenly declares the land God gave to Israel as her homeland? Are there consequences? God said there would be; that she would bear the brunt of His "burning jealousy" and His "fury." I don't know how much more graphic it could be. And will The New York Times be held accountable by God also? Didn't God include "the lips of talkers" who "slandered" Israel? When questioned by the interviewer, Avi Doubler, a settler, said,

"'Every Arab is an import... Why are we here?" he asked again. "That's a question only someone who is blind or ignorant of history would ask. You need only open the Bible and go no further than Genesis to find that the Jewish people begin here in Hebron.'

"These sentiments in the ancient heart of Hebron frame the obstacle against which the long-delayed second stage of the effort to make peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs has run up. The 1993 agreement that opened what is known here as the 'peace process' declared that Israeli settlements in the West Bank will not be uprooted at least in the first two stages....

"On Sunday, Israeli settlers raided Mrs. Karaki's school, which sits on a hillside directly over the main Israeli settlement, Beit Hadassah. School officials say the Israelis pulled down a Palestinian flag and blared loud Israeli music at the school. The settlers say the flag was part of a provocation that included the playing of the Palestinian national anthem through loudspeakers.

"Holy sites are what most of the tension is about. To the Jewish residents of the enclaves, they are the guardians of biblical Israel and the Zionist dream, and a bulwark against a Government they accuse of leading Israel to suicide.

"Their authority is Chapter 23 of the Book of Genesis (Gen. 23:7-20), which relates Abraham's purchase of a field in Hebron, where he and his wife, Sarah were buried in the Cave of Machpelah. Devout Jews hold that this field was the first piece of land acquired for the Jewish people in the land of Israel, and that it is the second most important site, after Jerusalem."

Not only are Abraham and his beloved wife Sarah, the mother of Isaac and not Ishamel, buried in the Cave of Machpelah, but so too are Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob and Leah; not one of the progenitors of the Arab people.

Abraham was the father of Ishmael through Hagar, the Egyptian handmaid of Sarah. Ishmael, who is not the child of promise, is buried with his people in an area identified by Scripture to be somewhere in the area of Arabia (Gen. 25:17-18). Furthermore, Mohammed was not buried in Hebron. As a matter of fact, he never set foot in Israel.

So by what great stretch of the imagination is Hebron an important historic or spiritual site for the Arabs as it obviously is for Israel? Not only is it the burial place of the Jewish patriarchs, but when Canaan was partitioned, Hebron and its environs were given to Caleb to conquer (Josh. 14:6-15), and he did so (15:14-19). Later the city itself was given to the Kohathite Levites (1 Chron. 6:55-56), though Caleb's descendants kept the suburban fields and villages.

When David was king over Judah, but not yet over all Israel, his capital city was Hebron for seven and a half years (2 Sam. 2:1-3, 11). There the elders of Israel anointed him king over all Israel (2Sam. 5:3-5). So then, what causes the controversy? The avarice and jealousy of "a malignancy" to occupy and possess what does not belong to it. The article continued,

"And since Abraham is also revered by the Muslims," (but according to the Hebrew Scriptures, God considered only Isaac to be Abraham's son - Gen. 22:2) "as the prophet Ibrahim, his burial place is also sacred to Islam.

"That has made Hebron a flash point of ancient rivalry, a city over which the Palestinians insist they cannot compromise and a rallying point for right-wing Israelis opposed to the entire peace process."

Why does the Press insist upon calling righteous people who stand for God and His word, "right-wing," when elsewhere in history they have been called heroes?

"Each side has its martyrs. In Beit Hadassah, where Jews first moved in after Hebron was occupied by Israeli forces in 1967, a room in a small museum is dedicated to the destruction of the last Jewish community by the Arabs in 1929, when 63 Jews were killed."

Then The Times reporting about the same event on Sept 16, 1995, in an article entitled, "Arab-Israeli Clashes Precede Hebron Talks," said

"Palestinians shouting 'Settlers out!' stoned Israeli soldiers in widespread clashes in Hebron today, a day before crucial talks between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization over control of the city."

And in a Times article dated September 18, 1995, entitled, "Arafat and Peres in Second Night of Talks on Hebron Deadlock,"

"But a Palestinian official dismissed the plan, saying: 'The Israeli proposal on Hebron is to gradually arrive at permanently dividing the city between Arabs and Jews. This is very dangerous because Hebron is a Palestinian city."

The premise of these Palestinian Edomites is, "If you say the same lie enough times, eventually you will have people believing it, even yourself." But God will not believe it and He will judge the perpetrators.

And that applies to the media as well! Bear in mind that the Netanyahu government at the time of this writing has not yet been able to come up with the Hebron solution.

The Palestinians have rioted again over what they claim to have been the opening of a new entrance to a tunnel under the outer reaches of the Temple Mount and have turned guns given to the Palestinian police for keeping the law and order amongst their own people on the Israelis.

Mr. Netanyahu, in the face of this kind of atrocity, is trying to provide additional security for the settlers in Hebron and yet adhere to the agreement of the Peres Government. The United Nations Security Council has soundly condemned Israel almost unanimously and the Clinton Administration abstained from voting. Once again, Israel's friends have sided with her enemies. The U.S. will pay the price for this infidelity towards her friend, Israel. But the issue of Hebron has still not been resolved although U.S. pressure against the Netanyahu government to give away her precious homeland continues unabated at this moment.

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