"While The Fiddler Played, The World Came To An End"
A Synopsis

Frequently the facts and circumstances surrounding the latter days immediately preceding the Millennium are indecipherable. Because of the many elements of which the end-time scenario consists, and because of the misinterpretations that have been piled upon misinterpretations over the centuries, the picture at best has become muddied. Through careful study and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, order can replace confusion and a real scenario can replace often mythical guesswork and fantasies.

Often there is confusion as to the interpretation of the two Beasts (the False Prophet and the Antichrist) in the Book of Revelation; as to the Harlot, Mystery Babylon; the Four Horsemen; the opening of the Seals; the judgments of the Trumpets and the Vials or Bowls. This book presents in a systematic and lawyer-like way, a fresh Messianic perspective of the ancient and unchangeable prophetic Scriptures that eliminates much of the confusion inherent in traditional theories that have been accepted as truth but have tended to create more questions than answers.

This book analyzes the events that are presently unfolding, specifically the composite Middle East Peace process which began in 1977 between Israel and Egypt, and continues to this very day between Israel, the Palestinians, and surrounding Arab nations. The peace process will result in a "Covenant of Death" that will be confirmed by the False Prophet, kicking off "The 70th Week of Daniel," a seven year Period, culminating in the great Tribulation, the War of Armageddon, and the return of Messiah Yeshua to establish His millennial kingdom in Jerusalem.

"While The Fiddler Played" is a clear road map, a guide which will lead the reader safely through the massive Tribulation and resultant falling away that will occur. It is a one of a kind book that tends to open the revelation that the Angel of God instructed Daniel to seal up until the times of the end.

It can be characterized as a comprehensive crash course on Messianic Jewish end-time prophecy, and it is revolutionizing the understanding of the saints about the events "written in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning" the restoration of the throne of David to Jerusalem and the return of the Lord to occupy it. The teaching uncovers deep truths and eliminates misunderstandings which have been accepted as doctrine for generations (i.e., Revived Roman Empire, Antichrist from Rome, Pre-Tribulation Rapture). Rather than rehashing old, inaccurate theories which are not coming to pass, it is a prophet's disclosure as given by the Lord concerning things which are and will come to pass. 

The book literally revolutionizes prophetic interpretation. It exposes and redefines through vision, revelation and scholarship those egregious theories which hold believers in bondage to pompously defended philosophies that can lead to a falling away of God's people.

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