A Miracle Happened!

The miracle took place 30 years ago, on June 1, 1985. What happened? The musical, "Rabboni," opened off-Broadway at The Perry Street Theatre. You may be wondering, "What’s so miraculous about that?"

It started back in October of 1983 when the Lord sent us to New York City from Los Angeles to bring the Messianic Gospel musical, "Rabboni," to the Jewish people. We had $200.00 in our pockets and one gas charge card. So we packed up our car and drove across the country with our little 7-month old son, in absolute faith, trusting the Lord not only for our provision, but to provide the thousands of dollars it would take to complete His assignment: Bring the Gospel to the Jewish people in New York City through our unique and pioneering outreach, the award-winning musical, "Rabboni."

For over a year, we struggled to raise the money to produce the musical. Our dear friend and brother in the Lord, Danny O’Mara, was the first investor. With that first investment, we rented the off-Broadway Perry Street Theatre and set an opening date of June 1, 1985 entirely by faith. We still had to raise tens of thousands of dollars in just a few months.

As the funding came in, we hired the attorney, who prepared the offering documents. We had to find a director, but most of the people we interviewed were not interested in a Gospel story. After weeks of searching, we hired a first-class director/choreographer, Alan Weeks, the star of "Tap Dance Kid" on Broadway.

With Alan at the helm, we assembled a fantastic cast, and went into rehearsals. All the while, we were busily raising money, ministering at churches and FGBMFI chapters, sharing the vision to bring the Gospel to the Jewish people on the New York stage. The budget was $80,000.00 and we had raised $66,500.00 when we had a meeting with our attorney on Thursday morning, May 30, 1985, just two days before the scheduled opening night.

"Have you raised the total budget of $80,000.00?" he asked. "Not yet," we replied. "You have to have the total budget in the bank by tomorrow, May 31st, or you cannot open the show on June 1st," he told us.

We were devastated! Where in the world would we find $13,500.00 in one day? We had nothing, no savings, and everything that came in went into the production. We had nowhere to turn except to the Lord.

That night, it just so happened, I was scheduled to be the guest speaker at a ministry in New York City at the Doral Hotel. I thought to myself, "I will tell the people of our extreme need and the Lord can provide through them."

After rehearsing all day, I ministered that night on the subject of Abraham’s faith. I was so passionate about the teaching that I forgot to mention our extreme and impossible need!

The organizer of the event was so pleased with the anointed teaching, he asked everyone to give into the offering at least $100.00 each to bless the speaker. Wow! I was so hopeful! This was the Lord’s opportunity to meet our need! The money poured into the offering baskets in piles, they were full to overflowing. I said to myself, "The Lord did it!"

But... After the offering, the organizer dismissed the people, said goodbye and walked out the door. He kept the entire offering for himself and gave us nothing! Zero!

I was stricken with despair. There was no hope. We would have to cancel the opening of the show that everyone had worked so hard for.

As I sat in the empty hallway exhausted and despondent, Wendy said, "I have to call Roberta Sieber. We spoke earlier and she said she had a little gift for us. She wanted us to come over after the meeting."

I was so exhausted and depressed, I said, "I don’t want to see anybody tonight. And what good is a little gift of $25.00?"

Wendy called Roberta and asked how much was the "little gift?"

"Ten thousand dollars," said Roberta.

"We’ll be right over!" said Wendy.

When we told her about our predicament, she graciously added another $3,500.00 and said the Lord told her to give. A miracle!

The Lord did it at the very last moment! He opened the Red Sea and saved the musical, "Rabboni!" And so the Messianic Gospel was produced on the off-Broadway stage in New York City to great reviews and accolades.

After 30 years, we believe the Lord is asking us to revive the great musical, "Rabboni." Toward that end, we pray you will give into this project to reach the Jewish people with the Messianic Gospel of the Lord Yeshua. Please donate today! Click on donate to contribute securely by PayPal.

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